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On Tuesday, April First, 290-award-nominated actress, Meryl Streep, spoke for a packed Tsongas Center. She and Professor Andre Dubus III had a conversation while a crowded audience watched. She then allowed audience members to ask her questions. The evening was very fun for everyone who attended.

What some students might not know about was that a few hours before the event at the Tsongas center, Streep appeared in front of 100 lucky English and theater major students, along with faculty. She had a private question/answer interview with the group, and I was in such good fortune to be a part of this event.

During the event many students asked Streep questions about her work and life. One student asked her what her favorite role was that she’s played, and if she could, would she go back and do that role differently?

Streep replied by explaining that she believes that you are that character for the time the film is shooting, afterwards, you are you again and that’s that. She says she’s never really thought about going back to a character, but would probably not do it.

Another student asked her what she, as an actress in school with little work, should do to get more roles in films, plays, or anything else.

Streep replied, saying that she has no idea! So many things have changed since she was auditioning, such as the computer. Her daughters will film themselves auditioning for a role and send that into the production group. That was their audition!

When Streep was auditioning, she would just pester people until they gave her a shot; that is what she recommends new actors do now.

A sophomore English major, named Mitchell, had his mother prepare a gift for Mrs. Streep. She baked her cupcakes that, Mitchell claimed, have gotten him friends in the past. They are that good! He presented them to Meryl Streep, she accepted them with a giant smile and was genuinely excited for the gift. She and Mitchell then hugged.

Meryl Streep also explained that she views her job as being in chronic unemployment. An actor will work for 4-6 months at a time, maximum. After that, they are out of work until something else comes up, if something else comes up. Streep also informed us that being unemployed often allows her to spend time with her children and husband, sometimes unexpectedly. She also disclosed to us that a famous musician is teaching her bass guitar. She would rather their name not be public information.

Meryl’s interview was truly a terrific event, one that will be remembered for a very long time!

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