UMass PokeNav for ‘Pokemon Go’

Pokemon habitats discorvered for the region of Lowell (Photo Courtesy/Christina Laderoute)
Christina Laderoute
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Assuming that you did not live under a rock for the summer, chances are you know about “Pokemon Go.” It’s one of those games that you either love or hate, and it seems that basically 99% of the population loves it. If you are part of that 99%, then keep reading because you are about to get the low down on the go-to spots around campus.

The ICC and Riverview Suites are swimming with water-type Pokemon. That includes Psyducks, Staryu, Magikarp, Goldeens, Poliwags and yes, even Dratinis. According to Pokemon Trainer sources, there are reports of Slowpokes also lingering around the ICC. Leitch Hall is known for spawning female Nidorans in the morning as well. There are two spawn nests next to the Leitch Gym that usually spawn Staryu, Goldeen or Poliwag. Also, the spawn nest in front of Starbucks on North Campus spawns Rattata and Bulbusaur. They should make a River Hawk Pokemon specifically for UMass Lowell. That would be so cool.

The blue line, which travels from South Campus to North Campus, can bear witness to very interesting Pokemon. At first, it was extremely disappointing in the lack of Pokestops. There were also little to no Pokemon. Of course, you had the occasional Weedle and Rattata, but then again, where are they not? As the bus drew near to North campus my phone started to heat up. All of a sudden a Tauros came out of nowhere, which was really exciting. Also, on the Mammoth Road bridge crossing to North there was a Jynx. Per usual with bridges, the water type Pokemon started showing up.

The ride on the blue line from North to South was actually a lot better than the one from South to North. There were quite a few Pokestops that I passed and a decent amount of Pokemon. It was a successful morning to be a Pokemon Trainer. Overall, “Pokemon Go” is a great app. It gives so many people the motivation to go out and be active. It makes us all feel like kids again and that is never a bad thing. This app blossomed when it was released and I can only predict even more wonderful things from it to come in the future. Pokemon Go is a must have app today. It is available on Android and iOS.

Happy hunting everyone!

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