Bands to listen to: The Walters

The Walters will be stopping in Cambridge, MA on June 2 as part of their world tour with the Orwells. (Photo Courtesy of The Walters)

Christopher Romano
Connector Staff

While The Walters’ catalog features only 16 songs in total, each one has hit home with fans.

Emerging from Chicago, The Walters are a band made up of five young men who are picking up recognition with their sweet and soothing melodies. The band’s style echoes that of the Beach Boys and other ‘60s groups, while also adding a modern sound to their music. Almost every song in The Walters’ catalog features backing vocals that build upon a landscape that the rest of the music creates.

Back in 2014, The Walters released their first EP titled “Songs for Dads.” Even with only six songs, it was a solid first step into the music world. The first song on the album, “I Love You So,” is the band’s most popular song, and has been played over 2.5 million times on Spotify since its release. The song utilizes the perfect combination of softly sung lines about ditching a part time lover and strung out, crooning choruses about remaining in love. Hearing the song just once will leave any listener wanting more from the cardigan rockers.

In December 2015, The Walters released their first album, “Young Men,” which delivered six brand new songs as well as a previously released single, “Goodbye Baby.” This breakup song details the hardship of post-relationship life with lines like: “Those were the times/ I can’t rewind/ When we were young/ And you were mine/ I’ll pass it off/ As long as I can/ But I can’t get/ You out of my head.” The grooving melody comes to a halt after a second bridge to allow for a high-pitched synthesizer solo. This would not be the last time The Walters produce a single that stuck in listeners’ heads for days on end.

On Jan. 12, The Walters released their latest and catchiest single. “She’s Gonna Leave You” was teased for roughly one week before the release of the indie pop song. The song tells the story of a man predicted to lose his lover. Though the lyrics describe a sad reality for someone, the listener can still enjoy the cheery melody and driving rhythm of this song.

The band, named after the guitarist Walter in the group, has been finding a surprising amount of success without being attached to a record label. Two days after the band released their newest single, they announced that they will be going on tour with another band: The Orwells. This tour marks a huge step up for The Walters, as they have been playing smaller scale shows with other Chicago-based bands up until this point.

To find The Walters’ music, search the name on Spotify or on their Bandcamp page here. The Walters will be in concert with The Orwells at the Sinclair in Cambridge, Mass. on June 2.

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