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Brute Force (RAW 11/15/21) & Lethal’s Injection (AEW Dynamite 11/17/21) WWE BACKLOG

(Photo courtesy of WWE) WWE World Heavyweight Champion Big E opened the show.

Shane Conway
Connector Staff

WWE World Heavyweight Champion Big E opened the show. He addressed Smackdown’s Universal Champion Roman Reigns and his cousins the Usos about how he would hospitalize all three at the upcoming Champion vs. Champion match at Survivor Series and take his dignity. Next, he began to confront Kevin Owens for his actions last week. Owens came out and cuts him off, telling Big E he has screwed him over in matches twice now and if E’s perception is everyone’s perception then that makes him a liar, so he willll be the villain they all want him to be.  

Big E then challenges Owens to a match to which Owens declines. Big E attempts to stop him from leaving but the goonish Usos rush him from nowhere. Matt Riddle of RKBro runs out to save Big E, flanked by his tag team partner Randy Orton. Next, the devilish Seth Rollins comes out to observe the chaos.  

WWE official Sonya Deville declares it a three-on-three tag match. 

The match saw Big E and Riddle getting repeatedly isolated in the ring by the veteran tag experience of Rollins and the Usos. It ends surprisingly when they unleash a series of coordinated attacks on Riddle and pin him.  

Just winning doesn’t serve to satisfy the trio, and the Usos continue the onslaught on Riddle. Orton rescues him by delivering a shock RKO to Jimmy Uso. Big E sends the Usos home to Reigns with a message of his own by delivering his finishing move, the Big Ending, on Jey Uso in the middle of the ring as a threat to the opposing champion. 

Backstage, Owens is interviewed and takes offense to the comment that he hadn’t met Big E in the ring. Finn Bálor interrupts the interview telling Owens he has never trusted him and that he got a match against him tonight in place of his original opponent Rollins. Owens says that it is a shame. 

RAW Women’s Champion Becky Lynch calls out her future Champion vs. Champion opponent Charlotte Flair’s prior accusations. She explains she’s no ‘fake champion’ saying that Flair was her friend when she wasn’t at the top of the game and that Lynch’s success has made her miserable and spiteful to the point that Flair hates herself as well.  

Lynch’s rundown is broken up by the new number one contender to her championship, Liv Morgan. Morgan claims and shows evidence that Lynch once prophesied Morgan to become a future Champion, and she stands ready to claim that honor.  

Lynch tries to disqualify her own past judgment by saying she set the standard too high and Morgan failed to reach it in time. Morgan insults her, Lynch retaliates by attacking Lynch, just to get countered and be forced to escape, while Morgan poses with the RAW Women’s Championship belt for the crowd. 

Orton yells at his RKBro teammate Riddle about playing hero once again. Orton tries to clarify that all that matters to him is the tag team and getting the Tag Team Championship belts. Riddle misconstrues this as an admission that Orton cares about him, causing Orton to frustratedly walk off. 

More chaos erupts amidst the RAW Women’s Survivor Series team as animosity builds in two tag team matches between Carmella and Queen Zelina and the Rhea Ripley and her partner Nikki A.S.H.  

Carmella and Zelina focused on beating down Nikki, and they are able to winquickly and then continue to bully and harass Nikki for not being good enough. Ripley, protecting Nikki, asks for a rematch, in which she single-handedly tears the other team apart.  

Rey Mysterio bursts into WWE Official Adam Pearce’s office, demanding responsibility for putting his son Dominik against Bobby Lashley last week. Adam, insulted, makes a match between Rey and Lashley tonight. 

Owens’ match against Finn Bálor quickly sours from a wrestling contest into a brawl. Owens makes up for Finn’s speed with his own strength and angrily batters him down before finishing him off. 

Rey battles Lashley to the best of his ability. At a cataclysmic size disadvantage, Rey tries to compensate with Lashley’s agility. Pulling out every trick in the book, however, he only gets so far when Lashley gets his hands on him and manhandles Rey.  

Lashley forces Rey to tap out in a full-nelson while swinging him around. Austin Theory, who has been committed in a one-sided campaign against Rey, takes the chance moment to assault Rey’s son Dominik. Adam Pearce says that in Rey’s weakened state, he won’t be competitive in the Survivor Series match, so he’ll be replaced with…Theory. 

Lethal’s Injection (AEW Dynamite 11/17/21) 

The show came alive with Dark Order’s celebrating Adam “Hangman” Page’s AEW World Championship victory over the Elite’s leader Kenny Omega on last Saturday’s pay-per-view. Proclaiming it to be “National Cowboy Sh*t Day,” The audience shows their support for their new champion. 

Meanwhile, a promo cut from backstage airs with Omega formally congratulating Page, mentioning his disappointment with himself and the Elite’s hyperactive tag team, the Young Bucks. Omega says he will be leaving for some time, to which the newest member Adam Cole replies “Don’t worry, I got this Cleaner.” The use of Kenny’s old nickname may be a sign of disrespect foreshadowing the Elite under new management. 

World-renowned Bryan Danielson breaks up the party, telling Page he is disappointed, that he won’t be facing Omega. Page sounds off about how he actually beat Omega, therefore making him more legitimate than Danielson. The two have to be broken apart by the Dark Order to avoid a fight before Danielson’s match against the Dark Order’s Evil Uno. 

The match ismore about Danielson making an example of Uno than a competition. Danielson victimizes Uno, with hard kicks and stretching submission holds. He makes a point in tapping Uno out in front of a camera, a message to Page about what’s in store for him. 

In a Promo, Maxwell Jacob Friedman, or MJF tells the audience he has had enough of people saying all he can do is talk. He claims to have beaten some of AEW’s best, and now he is seeking a bigger opportunity. One that might be just around the corner. 

Eddie Kingston is readying for an interview when tag team 2Point0 followed by Daniel Garcia cuts in, mentioning how “their son” Garcia lasted longer against Punk than Kingston did. Kingston says he can’t respect a grown man who lets these two call him “son,” and Garcia gets in Kingston’s face. The two are pulled away and the match is set to see who is harder: Yonkers’ Eddie Kingston or Buffalo’s Daniel Garcia. 

The lethargic Orange Cassidy tag teamed with the contrastingly intense “Stone Pitbull” Tomohiro Ishii on loan from New Japan Professional Wrestling against the brutal tag team of the Butcher and the Blade. Cassidy comes fast under fire, as his laziness makes him vulnerable.  

Outsmarting his opponents, he is finally able to make the tag to Ishii late in the match. Elbows to Ishii’s head only serve to spike his adrenaline, which he uses to overwhelm the Butcher with his power and pin him to secure the victory for the unlikely duo. 

Following that match is another quarterfinal for the TBS Championship between Nyla Rose and Hikaru Shida. These two have a storied history having both been the AEW Women’s Champion in the short time since the company’s inception.  

Shida fights an uphill battle against AEW’s “Native Beast”, showing determination in spades. This then runs into a brick wall when Rose repeatedly attacks Shida’s  injured leg, her literal Achilles heel. Shida is force to submit facing permanent injury, Rose taking another slice of the pride Shida has left. 

MJF takes himself to the ring to boast of his accomplishments and demand an opportunity. He is answered by CM Punk who walks out to meet him. MJF presents himself with a respectful handshake, a gesture of honor so to speak. Punk denies the handshake before walking back up the ramp without having said a word.  

MJF realizes he may have asked for something he can’t handle. 

The main event is an AEW TNT championship match between young “Spanish God” Champion Sammy Guevara and Jay Lethal, the top of Ring of Honor from before the company went under.  

Guevara’s ribs were still injured after being brutalized by Miro, the man he won the championship from, but he refuses to forfeit the match and the belt.  

Guevara fights two battles, one against the more experienced and intact Lethal, and one against his own body. Being pushed to his limits, the distressed Guevara gambles on jumping on Lethal outside of the ring through a table, but Lethal gets out of the way and Guevara is further injured.  

Lethal, intent on finishing the match, brings Guevara back into the ring. Guevara uses the separation time to muster two sprinting knees, an allusion of Omega’s V-Trigger knee strike, followed with his own finishing maneuver to layout Lethal and barely retain his title. 

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