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Review: ‘Hyperview’ – Title Fight

Review: ‘Hyperview’ – Title Fight

Tyler Peyman Connector Contributor At the steps of their studio, every well-established band one day faces the dilemma of either evolving on their own terms or appeasing their fans and sustaining the sound they are loved for. For Title Fight, the solution is simply to make their music, go with their gut, and hope that

Top Five Rap Albums of 2014

Andrew Haverty Connector Staff 5. “Paperwork” – T.I. Picking the number five album for this list was definitely the most difficult. With so many solid rap albums in 2014, it was hard to choose from the wide selection of albums I had bought and listened to from beginning to end (I bought over 20 of

Lockhart to Lowell: An interview with the Boston Pops’ conductor

(Photo courtesy of Stu Rosner) Regina Alongi Connector Editor “I don’t listen to music,” Boston Pops conductor Keith Lockhart disclosed in an interview with The Connector. “I listen to music all the time for work and the last thing I want to hear is more music!” Naturally, when your full-time job is studying music, why

‘Shady XV’ review

Andrew Haverty Connector Contributor Since the release of “The Slim Shady LP” in 1999, Shady Records has spent the majority of its existence at the top of the charts with only six out of the 22 major studio releases not reaching Platinum status. With the release of “Shady XV,” Shady Records celebrates its past success

WUML Dance For Tots 2014 this Friday, Dec. 5

LOWELL − In planning their biggest show of the year, WUML has decided to rebrand this year’s “Rock for Tots” show as an EDM show. “Rock for Tots,” which benefits local charities for the holidays, is being rebranded as “Dance for Tots,” hosting a wide array of EDM artists. The show, which will be on

Seven Spires, “The Cabaret of Dreams” – review

Derek McLeod Connector Staff Coming out of the gates like the mightiest of monsters crawling from the blackness of the mind, Seven Spires debut EP “The Cabaret of Dreams” is one of the most solid pieces of symphonic metal in the past decade, due in large part to stellar composition, production and character that most

The best mariachi-punk band you’ve never heard of

Josh Beverage Connector Staff If you’re interested in hearing some new music, but you’re tired of the generic noise coming from the radio, then the new Mariachi El Bronx album might be worth your time. It’s something new and different, and perhaps the most dichotomous music crossover happening today. What started out as a side

Manchester Orchestra’s stripped-down ‘Hope’

Tyler Peyman Connector Contributor Serving as a companion piece to the group’s fourth studio effort, “Cope” (released earlier this year), all efforts to describe “Hope” will fall short without a proper explanation of it’s counterpart. “Cope” is, for lack of a better phrase, a bull in a China cabinet. It’s the wild, untamed twin of

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