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‘Isolated’ horror, ‘Alienated’ fun

‘Isolated’ horror, ‘Alienated’ fun

Greg Alexandropoulos Connector Contributor “Alien: Isolation,” the new horror game from The Creative Assembly, is an attempt to finally make good on the “Alien” franchise. This series has been an endless pit of terrible video game releases for the past several years and has needed a serious injection of quality control. Let’s make this clear:

Will ‘Everything Be Alright in the End’? – Weezer review

Josh Beverage Connector Contributor After four years of scattered shows and no new music, Weezer is finally back with their ninth studio album, “Everything Will Be Alright in the End.” The first single off of the album, “Back to the Shack,” saw its first airplay in late July, offering listeners a catchy tune that definitely

The school’s new source of ‘River Hawk Pride’

A look into the creation of UML’s new fight song Regina Alongi Connector Editor “GO! BLUE! UML!” If this chant isn’t familiar to you yet, it will be soon. After decades of going without one, UMass Lowell finally has its very own fight song, “River Hawk Pride”! Where some universities adopt a previously composed song

‘NHL 15’ hits hard with hockey fans, gamers alike

Derek McLeod Connector Contributor Bruins fans rejoice! Our own Saint Patrice graces the cover of this year’s installment of the perennially stellar “NHL” series, bringing pride to black and gold as he beat out Public Enemy Number One PK Subban of the Montreal Canadiens for the spot. And it’s no surprise that “NHL”: Bergy Edition

Must-play hockey video games

Derek McLeod Connector Contributor Anybody who knows their hockey is going tell you that it’s “NHL ’94” every day of the week, but let’s start with the basics, shall we? “Blades of Steel” (NES, Konami, 1988) – “BLADDDAES OFF STEELLEE!” shouts the primitive voice sample as you fire up the first true classic of hockey

‘The Golden Echo:’ Welcome to Divatown – Kimbra review

Al Gentile Connector Editor Kimbra’s “The Golden Echo” is a such musical quilt of disparate styles – ranging from 70′s funk and soul to 80′s urban pop, 90′s R&B and modern psychedelic electronics – that it’s impossible to place in one genre. This helps make her most recent effort so endearing. Kimbra is no stranger

Bryce Vine sets ‘Trend’ at UML

Regina Alongi Connector Editor Party-goers, college kids and teenage girls take notice – if you see the name Bryce Vine again, do not be surprised. Bryce and his partner-in-crime, DJ Skizz Markie, graced the stage at UMass Lowell’s brand new Moloney Hall, located on the second floor of University Crossing this past Saturday, Sept. 27.

Hold Ups EP release

Emily Toomey Connector Contributor Milford, N.H.-based band Hold Ups hosted an EP release show on Friday, Sept. 16 at the 119 Gallery in Lowell. Hold Ups pride themselves on being a sloppy melodic hardcore pop-punk band and they certainly live up to the title. For fans of sad songs about your hometown or just pop-punk

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