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The Dangerous Summer stays true to their roots

The Dangerous Summer stays true to their roots

The Dangerous Summer band formed in 2006. (Photo courtesy of Hopeless Records) Emily Toomey Connector Staff The Dangerous Summer have finally released their fourth studio album after being broken up for nearly four years. The album, self-titled “The Dangerous Summer,” is one of their most creative works to date. The album has a perfect blend

‘The Cloverfield Paradox’ is a waste of time

“The Cloverfield Paradox” was originally titled “God Particle.” (Photo courtesy of Netflix) Brendan Jacques Connector Staff “The Cloverfield” series may just be one of the most perplexing film franchises to ever hit the mainstream. Beginning back in 2008 with a found-footage spin on classic kaiju films such as “Godzilla,” the property has since then expanded

Yung Pinch: An introduction to Huntington hip-hop

Yung Pinch gained fame by releasing music on his Youtube channel which has over 800,000 subscribers. (Photo courtesy of  Fashionably-Early). Kelly Skelton Connector Editor Blake Sandoval is a 20-year-old from Huntington Beach, California. However, the rising hip-hop star has been making his presence known by his stage name, Yung Pinch. After the success of his

‘Winchester?’ More like lose-chester

“Winchester” was directed by twins Peter and Michael Spierig. (Photo courtesy of Lionsgate). Owen Johnson Connector Editor Is there some sort of irony that “Winchester,” a movie about one of the most interesting houses to ever exist, is one of the least interesting movies to ever exist? On the urging of the board of the

‘Monster Hunter’ is back and better than ever

“World” is the first “Monster Hunter” game to be released simultaneously in Japan, Europe and the U.S. (Photo courtesy of Capcom). Vernon Gibbs  Connector Staff “Monster Hunter: World” is a game that is rich with detail and challenge in equal measure. Released worldwide on Jan. 26, “World” is the ninth installment in its series that

‘The Chi’ attempts to defy racial stereotypes

“The Chi” has been renewed for a second season. (Photo courtesy of Showtime Networks) Emily Toomey Connector Staff Showtime’s breakthrough series “The Chi” is working to defy the typical stereotypes associated with Chicago’s South Side neighborhood and show a more humane side instead.  The riveting cast allows the show to standout and hold its ground.

‘Culture 2’: Migos’ new album is lengthy but exciting

There are 11 musicians and band credited as performers on “Culture 2.” (Photo courtesy of Quality Control Music) Matt Kaiser Connector Staff Last year, the Migos trio changed the music industry with their debut album “Culture,” and their first number one single “Bad and Boujee.” This year, their new album “Culture 2” is not making

Kodak Black locked up again

Kodak Black’s most recent album, “Project Baby 2,” was released last August. (Photo courtesy of Rap-Up) Kelly Skelton Connector Editor Dieuson Octave, better recognized for his stage name, Kodak Black, has never been able to separate himself from the street life. Despite amassing millions of dollars and hit songs, the Florida rapper has always maintained

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