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MASSPIRG’s Bottle Bill shows no signs of slowing

Marlon Pitter Connector Editor The Massachusetts Public Interest Research Group  (MASSPIRG) exceeded their expectations last semester for the “Bigger Better Bottle Bill” petition, but their efforts to increase recycling are far from over. The original Bottle Bill, created by MASSPIRG in 1982, currently does not cover non-carbonated beverages, such as sports drinks and bottled water.

Pool tournament brings no shortage of talent

Marlon Pitter Connector Editor Fox Common’s monthly pool tournament played on Jan. 28 brought no shortage of talent. Though the altered date slipped past many students’ minds, all of the students who participated in the single elimination tournament brought their “A-game.” Their best efforts, unfortunately, were not enough to slow down the obliterating trail blazed

Starbucks: The Second Coming

Alexander Gentile Connector Contributor Students on North Campus have long languished over the absence of a fresh, robust cup of Starbucks coffee, an advantage South Campus has boasted on for about two years. Last Monday, an impressive new location was installed in the basement of Lydon Library, and according to witness accounts it has been

Fire alarms frazzle editor

Mathew Sychantha Connector Editor Do you ever feel like some students mark special occasions by pulling the fire alarm? Move-in day this semester? Fire alarm. Move-out day last semester? Fire alarm. Heck, moving in last semester had a few fire alarms go off. Three, if I recall correctly. Why is that a thing? Who burns

Master’s Gaming Konnection

Do you like games? Do you keep a d20 in your pocket? Can you not go an entire day without playing Magic? Do I have the club for you! Master’s Gaming Konnection is a gamer’s paradise at UMass Lowell. Located on South Campus in McGauvran Hall Room 357, MGK welcomes any and all students interested in

DifferenceMaker Kickoff

Join us for our DifferenceMaker Kick-off Events! Please join us for our 2014 kick-off events where you will learn more about the DifferenceMaker Program, will meet real-life DifferenceMakers, and be introduced to helpful faculty and staff! DifferenceMaker 2014 Kick-off Events:   TONIGHT, Monday, January 27 6-7:30 p.m., Atrium, Saab ETIC, North Campus Can’t make it tonight?

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