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SGA update: parking, printers, books and fountains

Tyler Cote Connector Staff Senators of their respected colleges met at University Crossing, as they do every week, to discuss matters on campus. With deliberation and formal discussion by everyone involved, some important topics were brought to the table. A hot issue this year has been the bookstore and its overwhelming prices that tower over

Author event: ‘Shut Up About Your Perfect Kid’

Co-authors and sisters, Gina Gallagher and Patricia Terrasi, addressed an audience at the O’Leary Library, describing their motivation behind their book, “Shut Up About Your Perfect Kid.” The book details their similar struggles in raising unique children with disabilities. They had had normal lives, Gallagher explained, until they started to see the signs. And they

International students: a different perspective

Al Gentile Connector Editor   Every student has a story. For international students coming to the United States for their education means crossing oceans, cultural boundaries and, in rare cases, having to tackle the challenge of communication with their peers and professors. According to the Institute of International Education, a nonprofit, international students account for

American Red Cross hosts blood drive at UMass Lowell

Karla Garcia Connector Staff The American Red Cross is looking for student volunteers to promote blood drives on campus. At the most recent blood drive, hosted in Cumnock Hall, the American Red Cross only had a total of 44 appointments, and are hoping to get more volunteers in the future. Dave Koerner, the recruiter for

SGA hosts Chancellor’s Forum with city manager

At University Crossing, students present ideas for Lowell’s future Samuel Linstead-Atkinson Connector Staff As the campuses and student population of UMass Lowell continue to grow, many are turning to a current initiative that will tailor the city in order to better suit the university. Along with the Student Government Association and Chancellor Marty Meehan, city

Evangelical Baptists stir debate on South Campus

Michael Caizzi Connector Staff If you walked through South Campus last Wednesday, you may have seen a student holding a sign that read “I eat ass-Jesus” and another waving a Communist flag. You may have heard student’s chanting “bullshit!” You may have seen several men yelling to a large crowd that evolution was a lie,

Stiff competition at the annual student-professor debate

Al Gentile Connector Editor DISCLAIMER: NONE OF THE OPINIONS EXPRESSED BY STUDENTS AND PROFESSORS AT THIS EVENT NECESSARILY REFLECT THEIR ACTUAL VIEWS ON THE GIVEN SUBJECT “It’s a good thing to get the students and professors on a more personal level,” said Danielle Brouder, psychology major and president of the Political Science Club. On Wednesday

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