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The future of graphic design at UMass Lowell

The future of graphic design at UMass Lowell

Alexander Gentile UML Contributor There’s a lot to scream about with UMass Art programs. From a big move to student projects and exhibitions, the relatively under-represented UMass graphic design department in MacGauvran is worth a second look. Walking through the halls, student-designed movie posters for “Grease,” “Eternal Sunshine” of the “Spotless Mind” and “The Hunger

Downtown Lowell has more to offer to students than bars

Lowell businesses want better connection with UMass Lowell students What do an art gallery, a sweets shop, an army supply store and a clothing store have in common? They are all located in downtown Lowell, and they are willing to offer discounts to UMass Lowell students. “There is a large amount of local resources downtown,

2014 Greeley Scholar advocates social justice for all

Andrea Larsson Connector Contributor UMass Lowell welcomed Albie Sachs, former judge on the South African Constitutional Court, to the university on Tuesday. Hosted by the Greeley Scholar Committee and honored by the committee as 2014’s Greeley Scholar, Sachs, former advisor to Nelson Mandela, told the story of South Africa’s fight for civil freedom and equality,

“The Search for Security: Countering Violence in the Middle East” panel discusses hot topics

Eliza Calvin Connector Contributor Paula Rayman thinks fighting violence with violence is fruitless. “World War I was supposed to be the war to end all wars. We all know how successful that was,” she said at the panel discussion, “The Search for Security: Countering Violence in the Middle East.” The event, sponsored by UMass Lowell’s

Phil Geoffroy for student trustee

After being sent to the board of trustees by my peers through hotly contested elections in each of the past two years, I am grateful and honored to appear on the ballot as a candidate for student trustee this year in uncontested form. Despite not facing an opponent this year, I am committed to generating

Campus Police Log

Monday, March 21 5:56 p.m. A motor vehicle break-in was reported at the North Campus Garage. Tuesday, April 1 7:45 p.m. An assault was reported at the Tsongas Center. One party was removed by management. Wednesday, April 2 10:39 a.m. An exit sign in Sheehy Hall was reported to have been damanged. The damage may

Amanda Robinson and Sheila Angelo for president and vice president

Hello Students! My name is Amanda Robinson; I along with Sheila Angelo hope to gain your support for Student Government Association president and vice president through our continuous determination to advocate on the Student Government Association at the University of Massachusetts Lowell for student’s interests, rights, and concerns. Through our experience in student government we

Meet your SGA Candidates

Aaron Kearney and Allen Iem for president and vice president Student experience is crucial to a university. No matter what the rankings say, if a student is not enjoying their time at college, something is wrong. Allen and I want to make student life here at UMass Lowell the best it can be, and that

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