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Senator Warren speaks at UMass Lowell

Senator Warren speaks at UMass Lowell

(Photo/Christopher Tran/Connector) David Rudderham Connector Editor A large crowd gathered at the new University Crossing building on Friday to see one of the country’s senators speak on the current state of politics and financial distress in America. Senator Elizabeth Warren, a Democrat that has made a name for herself by focusing on issues such as

Ferguson inspires forum at UMass Lowell

Samuel Linstead-Atkinson Connector Staff In response to the events that took place in Ferguson, Mo., the Office of Multicultural Affairs hosted a forum Wednesday to discuss the incident and the ethical issues surrounding it. The conversation was an informal one, and the two microphones made it into the hands of nearly everyone in the room.

University Crossing grand opening a grand slam

Alex Gentile Connector Editor On Tuesday, Sept. 16, dignitaries from the UMass University system, local icons, facilities personnel, faculty and students came together for the grand opening of University Crossing, with a lavish ribbon cutting ceremony. The event began with an opening reception. Patrons mingled among themselves with food, drink and jazz music from two

Controversy sparks on campus: Smokers disregard new tobacco policy, non-smokers voice their opinion

David Rudderham Connector Editor A campus-wide ban on smoking at UMass Lowell has officially started, effectively making the campus tobacco free. The ban has sparked confusion among many students, both for and against the ban. Students have brought up a wide range of issues in response to the ban, namely enforcement.  Although some change has

Crime report comments on student safety: Deputy chief speaks out on lower crime rates

Al Gentile Connector Editor Deputy Chief Ron Dickerson, head of the UMass Lowell Police Department, released to The Connector the crime analysis report for the year 2013, which shows all reported cases of crime against students. Looking over the results compared to last year across the categories of motor vehicle theft, burglary, aggravated assault, robbery

Candidates for state rep. debate Lowell issues

David Rudderham Connector Editor On Thursday six candidates competing for State Rep. in Lowell’s 18th district assembled at the new University Crossing for a debate. Four of the candidates are Democrats while one candidate, Fred Bahou is unenrolled, and another candidate, Paul Ratha Yem, is running a sticker campaign. The six candidates struggled to differentiate

Students, officers speak out on student safety

Al Gentile Connector Editor Students, officers speak out about safety Every student remembers those text messages warning them about attacks that have just taken place. Through social media, students and news consumers at large are able to receive information about events minutes after they occur. Yet, the stories behind them, and what students can do,

“We’re back!” Market Basket returns

Al Gentile Connector Editor “Everybody keeps saying it’s going to be taught in schools,” says Fletcher Street Market Basket General Manager Scott Ivers. Late Wednesday night, a deal worth $1.5 billion brought control of Market Basket, a staple for decades to the citizens of Lowell and New England, back into the hands of Arthur “Artie

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