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Yeezus Stops… Where is ‘SWISH,’ and what can we expect?

Yeezus Stops… Where is ‘SWISH,’ and what can we expect?

Photo courtesy of Roc-A-Fella Records Henry St. Pierre Connector Staff Even when attempting to be an objective writer, there is no other way to put it; Kanye West is a legend. It could be argued that no other figure in popular culture is as influential as Mr. West, in part because feelings towards him are

FKA Twigs “M3LL155X” review

Tyler Payman Connector Staff In the past year especially, the term “alternative R&B” has been no stranger to coffeehouse chatter. Much like in the case of the recent “emo revival”, some listeners happily embraced the freshness of something that’s new to them while others (usually with noses skyward) preach its uncredited history that has apparently

Some advice for a nicer life: Review of Have A Nice Life’s ‘Deathconsciousness’

Benjamin St. Pierre Connector Staff We all experience moments of pure bliss upon finally finding the thing we didn’t even know was missing. Like a sickness that has finally been remedied by a medicine you didn’t even know existed. Like a feeling that, although there may be numerous incomplete structures within your being, you’ve at

“American Idiot:” 10 years later

Marlon Pitter Connector Editor Green Day’s iconic punk rock opera, “American Idiot,” turned ten this Saturday. Before Sept. 20, 2004, this generation had never seen – nor heard – anything like it. But now, all around the world, “American Idiot” is a household name. “American Idiot,” Green Day’s best-selling album since “Dookie” ten years prior,