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Indie Game Spotlight: ‘The Swapper’

Indie Game Spotlight: ‘The Swapper’

Brendan Jacques Connector Contributor Crafted by the team of developers at Facepalm Games, “The Swapper” pulls you into its world like few games are ever able to do. With its haunting soundtrack, beautiful art direction and chilling themes, this game is able to capture the beauty and loneliness of space with a befitting elegance. This

Mill No. 5: A hipster amusment park

Jen Desrosiers Connector Editor Built in 1873 and owned by The Appleton Manufacturing Company for which it served as a textile mill until the early 20th century, Mill No. 5’s original purpose was to be a weaving and spinning mill that was entirely powered by steam. Today, the old mill building has been transformed into

UML students not hanging up on Boston Calling

Reviews from UML students who attended Boston Calling Sept. 5-7, 2014. Photos courtesy of Nick Canovas.   After arriving late and having time to only catch the end of The Hold Steady, get a drink, take an Oktoberfest picture with the Sam Adams crew and find some fun freebies, the clouds rolled in and concert

What’s everybody Yakkin’ about? Social media app takes college campuses by storm

Henry St. Pierre Connector Contributor   The app “Yik Yak” has quickly become a cultural phenomenon. College campuses across the nation are being impacted by the free-to-download app, which is very simply an anonymous user’s playground. Of course, our very own UMass Lowell is not estranged to the App Store, so plenty of River Hawks

“Frail Communion”? Spotlight on Opeth’s newest album

Benjamin St. Pierre Connector Contributor   On Aug. 25, 2014, Swedish progressive metal titan Opeth released their 11th studio album, “Pale Communion.” Opeth is globally renowned among metal fans for their cerebral lyrics, haunting yet beautiful melodies and the ability to seamlessly blend clean (regular singing) and growled vocals (both done by Mikael Akerfeldt, the

Zombie movie invades Lowell

Karla Garcia Connector Contributor   “Zombie Party Massacre” is the first full-length feature film being written and directed by Lowell resident Jessica Houlihan. The idea for this project was developed from a short film she produced in college called “Life of the Party.” She took the script from the short and decided to expand the

Not ‘Destined’ to be game of the year: ‘Destiny’ review

Greg Alexandropoulos Connector Contributor The season of gaming has begun. If you’re a video game fan, you know that autumn is loaded with dozens of major releases… and your wallet is going to become significantly lighter as a result. However, I’m sorry to say, don’t waste your money on this opening act. “Destiny,” the latest