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“Halo” trys to find its footing in season two

“Halo” trys to find its footing in season two

(Photo courtesy of: Hollywood Reporter) “”Halo” returns for its second season.” Ekaterina Photis Connector Editor The second season of the Paramount+ exclusive TV Show, “Halo”, debuted its first two episodes on Feb. 8, with new releases following every Thursday. In the two years since the first season’s release, many have set rather low standards for

“Tekken 8” takes the top spot

(Photo courtesy of: IGN Nordic) “Fighting characters Jin Kazama and Reina Mishima in Bandai Namco’s newest game release.” Joseph Dunn Connector Contributor “Tekken 8” is the latest installment in one of the longest running fighting game franchises in history. The game sees players continuing the story of the Mishima family, a saga that has spanned

Top five hardest Papa’s “Gamerias”

(Photo courtesy of: Kizi) “‘Papa’s Sushiria’ is the hardest game in the series.” Kimberly Mai Connector Editor With over 10 themes, the Papa Louie’s restaurant time-management games—created by Flipline Studios—are staples of many gamers’ childhoods. The franchise has expanded to other platforms aside from web browsers, including iOS and Andriod apps as well as having

“Spider-Man 2” exceeds expectations

(Photo courtesy of: DiscussingFilm) “Insomniac’s ‘Spider-Man 2’ features both Peter Parker and Miles Morales suiting up as the titular character.” Ekaterina Photis Connector Editor Insomniac Games’ new PlayStation 5 exclusive, “Spider-Man 2”, has had fans bouncing off the walls since its release on Oct. 20. As a third iteration in this franchise, Insomniac expertly balanced

“Inscryption” is a horrific delight

(Photo courtesy of: Slant Magazine) “‘Inscryption’ is a deck-building horror game.” Kimberly Mai Connector Editor For those looking for a spooky night alone, why not try “Inscryption?” Released on Oct. 19, 2021, “Inscryption” is a single-player, roguelike deck-building video game with a larger story brewing underneath as the player uncovers the secrets of their surroundings

Minecraft players boycott the Mob Vote

(Photo courtesy of: Windows Central) “The latest Minecraft Mob Vote has caused controversy.” Savannah Baker Connector Editor Mojang Studios, the video game developer behind Minecraft, has announced their annual Mob Vote. The Mob Vote allows the Minecraft community to vote on their favorite new mobile entity they wish to see incorporated into the Minecraft world.

“Batman Arkham Trilogy” Switch release delayed to December

(Photo courtesy of: WB Games) “The long-anticipated release of the ‘Batman Arkham Trilogy’ has been delayed.” Tyler Browne Connector Editor On Oct. 3, Warner Bros. (WB) Games announced that the long-awaited re-release of the “Batman Arkham Trilogy” for the Nintendo Switch had been delayed. The collection, originally slated for an Oct. 13 release, will now

“Super Mega Baseball 4” brings new updates to a beloved series

(Photo courtesy of: Polygon) “Red Sox legend David Ortiz is one of the real-life legends added to ‘Super Mega Baseball 4.’” Jake Messer Connector Staff After a three-year hiatus, baseball fans can now rejoice as “Super Mega Baseball 4” has been released. Did Metalhead Software continue their winning ways with the fourth installment in the