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The biggest mystery of “Velma” is how it managed to be so bad

The biggest mystery of “Velma” is how it managed to be so bad

(Photo courtesy of:) “Velma” has strewn so far from the source material it is almost unrecognizable. Troy Lafond Connector Editor A few of the hallmarks of recent entertainment media include a constant barrage of remakes and recreations of classic IPs, maturing classic IPs for older audiences, meta fourth-wall breaking comedy and a growing surge of

“The Last of Us” is not the last of video game adaptations

(Photo courtesy of Dextero) “The Last of Us” has done an amazing job at adapting scenes directly from the game. Jose Zamora Connector Staff Video game adaptations are infamous for their lack of faith to their source material and overall low quality, but to the surprise of many, the adaptation of developer Naughty Dog’s “The

“Andor” is Disney’s best Star Wars effort yet

(Photo courtesy of “Andor” explores the titular character in the early days of fighting the Galactic Empire. Maxwell Valin Connector Editor To say that the quality of Disney’s output in the Star Wars franchise has been spotty since their acquisition of the brand a decade ago would be nothing short of an understatement. While

“American Horror Story: NYC” is a leather-clad disaster

(Photo courtesy of Rotten Tomatoes) “AHS: NYC” is a colossal failure. Riley Fontana Connector Editor The creators of “American Horror Story” have given fans everything – haunted houses, aliens, and even killer clowns – but in “AHS: NYC”, they give viewers nothing. The past few seasons of “American Horror Story” have progressively been getting worse,

Marvel Studios’ Phase 4 is an unmitigated disaster

(Photo courtesy of Variety) Phase 4 came to a conclusion this fall with “Black Panther: Wakanda Forever”. Maxwell Valin Connector Editor The Marvel Cinematic Universe is, in concept, a series of films and shows that work together across different individual series in order to tell a large, cohesive, and interconnected story. In its first 10

“House of the Dragon” burns bright in triumphant season 1

(Photo courtesy of Variety) “House of the Dragon” has wowed viewers after a controversial and critically panned “Game of Thrones” finale. Troy Lafond Connector Editor For varying reasons, many expected “Game of Thrones” spin-off series “House of the Dragon” to be a failure. For much of its run, “Game of Thrones” stood up as the

“Atlanta” season 4 marks the end of an era with some high quality television

(Photo courtesy of IMDb) “Atlanta” has reached its highly anticipated conclusion, with great success. Jordan Harrington Connector Editor The end of an era has finally come. Donald Glover’s FX original show, “Atlanta” has finally ended after the release of its tenth and final episode of season four. Season four, which began with a two-episode premiere

Mike Flanagan delivers another engrossing thrill with ‘The Midnight Club’

(Photo courtesy of TV Insider) Mike Flanagan’s most recent effort shows once again why he is a force to be reckoned with in the horror genre. Maxwell Valin Connector Editor In recent years, writer, producer and director Mike Flanagan has made quite a reputable name for himself in the genre of horror. Along with helming