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The Dangerous Summer stays true to their roots

The Dangerous Summer stays true to their roots

The Dangerous Summer band formed in 2006. (Photo courtesy of Hopeless Records) Emily Toomey Connector Staff The Dangerous Summer have finally released their fourth studio album after being broken up for nearly four years. The album, self-titled “The Dangerous Summer,” is one of their most creative works to date. The album has a perfect blend

‘The Chi’ attempts to defy racial stereotypes

“The Chi” has been renewed for a second season. (Photo courtesy of Showtime Networks) Emily Toomey Connector Staff Showtime’s breakthrough series “The Chi” is working to defy the typical stereotypes associated with Chicago’s South Side neighborhood and show a more humane side instead.  The riveting cast allows the show to standout and hold its ground.

‘Atypical’ is anything but typical

Series creator Robia Rashid previously worked on ‘How I Met Your Mother.’ (Courtesy of Netflix) Emily Toomey Connector Staff “Atypical” is breaking out into the Netflix world as a more progressive approach to television. This comedy style drama features Keir Gilchrist as an autistic high schooler named Sam, who is navigating his way through his

‘Blossom’ by Milky Chance: A mix of musical styles

Milky Chance’s previous album “Sadnecessary” has sold over 500,000 copies. (Photo courtesy of Ignition Records) Emily Toomey Connector Staff Milky Chance has just released their sophomore album “Blossom” earlier this month. This album incorporates the familiar alternative rock sound they a’re known for while including a new and relaxed electronic vibe. The band, once a

Touche Amore Releases Emotional Record ‘Stage Four’

“Stage Four” is Touche Amore’s fourth album to date. (Photo courtesy of Epitaph Records) Emily Toomey Connector Staff Post-Hardcore powerhouse Touche Amore recently came together to release “Stage Four.” “Stage Four” provides something so honest and raw that leaves the listener craving for more. This album is the perfect follow up to “Is Survived By,”