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How to deal with end of semester lull

How to deal with end of semester lull

(Photo courtesy of: “Students are overworked and tired at this point in the semester.” Nate Coady Connector Editor Finals are coming up and classes are reaching their end. A cursory glance around the classroom or lecture hall alone will show that motivation has reached its limit. Students get to this point in the semester

The advatnages to living in a dorm for the 2024-25 school year

(Photo courtesy of: UMass Lowell) “Students enjoying their dorm.” Shishir Javali Connector Contributor There are a lot of benefits and improvements to the residence halls, and students can enjoy the college experience, attend events, study, and live independently. For the upcoming school year, there will not be any major renovations to the residence halls. Rather,

Club spotlight: UMass Lowell Management Society

(Photo courtesy of: UMass Lowell Management Society. “The business building on North Campus is home to this and many other clubs.” Nicholas Ewing Connector Staff Jonah Burnham, Vice-President of the Management Society, shared how his club gets together to discuss management ideas to help students succeed in their personal, professional, and academic lives. They learn

Spring Week is right around the corner

(Photo courtesy of Kadey Vannett) “ACE’s Spring Week is packed with unique and exciting events to close out the year” Nate Coady Connector Editor Despite the notion that spring keeps getting further and further away, and the infamous groundhog not seeing his shadow, the members of UMass Lowell’s Association for Campus Events (ACE) are holding

Rolling safely: navigating the campus streets on wheels 

(Photo courtesy of UMass Lowell) “Bike racks on south campus” Jack Collins Connector Contributor At UMass Lowell, students must find efficient transportation methods to reach class on time. Electric bikes and electric scooters have become popular, but safety concerns due to the busy streets of Lowell may need to be reviewed to ensure students’ safety

Club Spotlight: UMass Lowell Economic Society

(Photo courtesy of iStock) “the UMass Lowell Economic Society have fun discussing the various aspects of the economy at their meetings” Nicholas Ewing Connector Staff The classic board game of Monopoly has entertained countless children over the decades. Players compete against each other to acquire property that will enable them to monopolize their real estate

Sustainable thrifting is a hit on campus

(Photo courtesy of Billy Lefebvre) “Students pack UCrossing to search through the thrift day items” Nate Coady Connector Editor On Friday March 22 the Student Society for Sustainability (SSS) organized its fourth thrift day at UCrossing. Thrifting has become popularized in recent years, especially among college aged people trying to find good fashion for a

Console debate on campus

(Photo courtesy of: IGN) “Student have strong feelings about what game console they prefer.” Nate Coady Connector Editor Over the course of many years, video games have grown to have their own identities. Game franchises have expanded, consoles have become more efficient, and players have become more devoted to their favorites. With that devotion came