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Alumni Spotlight: Bahara Hussaini

Alumni Spotlight: Bahara Hussaini

(Photo courtesy of X) “Bahara Hussaini presenting her Master’s Thesis” Nicholas Ewing Connector Staff UMass Lowell’s Peace and Conflict Studies program has helped students from around the world be equipped with the skills of conflict resolution. Bahara Hussaini from Afghanistan graduated from UMass Lowell in 2023. She was accepted into Kabul University to study English

Surprise Fees Leave UMass Lowell Nursing Students Stressed and Scrambling

(Photo courtesy of UML) “Hand grabs flying money.” Eric Schultz Connector Editor On February 7, UMass Lowell undergraduate nursing students were informed of a new $792 ATI Complete Package fee with little warning. They were officially informed of the new February 29 deadline (now April 1) of said fee for continuing access to Assessment Technologies

Mill City Grows comes to campus

(Photo courtesy of Nate Coady) “Mill City Grows brought a variety of produce to campus” Nate Coady Connector Editor On Wednesday, Feb. 21, Mill City Grows, a food justice nonprofit, set up shop in University Crossing. Their farmer’s market stand included potatoes, cabbage, carrots, and much more, all grown locally in either Massachusetts or New

Club Spotlight: Stay mindful with The Psychology Club

(Photo courtesy of Nate Coady) “Students practice mindfulness by journaling with the Psychology Club” Nate Coady Connector Editor Being a student can be very stressful. Staying on schedule, staying on top of homework, being consistent, and getting to class on time, can all be a bit of a struggle. No shame. With spring break just

Club Spotlight: International Business Association

Photo courtesy of UMass Lowell) “The International Business Association meets in Alumni Hall.” Nicholas Ewing Connector Staff International Business Association (IBA) is a club students can join to learn more about international business and join a community of like-minded students. President of IBA Justin Baez, and Vice President of Engagement Jason McKeon, welcome students from

South Campus spices up their dining experience.

(Photo courtesy of Eric Shultz) “Both dining halls feature the new spice racks.” Andrew Livsey Connector Contributor Students who have been to the South Campus dining hall recently may have noticed a fun new feature that has been implemented this semester. The South Campus dining hall now features a spice rack where students can add

Hardly a snooze fest, ACE opens up the semester with a pajama party

(Photo courtesy of: ACE) ” UMass Lowell Students pillow fighting in the inflatable ring.” Nate Coady Connector Editor Last Tuesday, January 23, the Association for Campus Events (ACE) hosted a pajama party, their first event of the semester at UCrossing from 6p.m. to 8p.m., which featured crafts like making dreamcatchers and stuffed animals as well

Radical Faith: 10 Faith Secrets that will make Faith in God Work Personally, powerfully and Persistently

(Photo courtesy of: Amazon) “The book is available to purchase for those who want to read it.” Nicholas Ewing Connector Staff It was the last Friday devotional of the semester before winter break. Students were wrapping up finals and sharing plans on what they wanted to accomplish before the spring semester started. Isaac Roberts, the