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Best Bachelors in Stardew Valley

Best Bachelors in Stardew Valley

(Photo courtesy of Nintendo Studios) Natalia Gonzalez Connector Editor Of the many reasons to tie the knot in ConcernedApe’s “Stardew Valley,” character storylines and individual perks are usually what attract most to marriage in the open-ended RPG and hit indie game originally released in 2016. Marriage is a useful, but optional, feature to “Stardew Valley”

5 Social Justice Documentaries

(Photo Courtesy of Netflix) – “Trial 4” is a documentary series currently available for streaming access on Netflix. Natalia Gonzalez Connector Editor Social justice is not a topic new to the screen: In the midst of the civil unrest in the criminal justice system brought about by police brutality, corruption and systematic racism, it is

Euphoria season two reaches a new high and an even lower low

(Photo Courtesy of The Reasonable Bunch) Season two of “Euphoria” is currently available on HBO Max. Natalia Gonzalez Connector Editor One of HBOs most popular shows, “Euphoria”, has already released seven episodes in what has to be the most anticipated season on the platform. With just one more episode to go, audiences are hanging on

Sean K. Ellis visits UMass Lowell to discuss wrongful incarceration

(Photo courtesy of the New England Innocence Project) From left to right: Erica Gagne, Sean K. Ellis, Radha Natarajan, and Miko Wilford (not pictured) discussed topics of mass incarceration, wrongful conviction, and criminal justice reform. Natalia Gonzalez Connector Editor In 1995, 19-year-old Sean K. Ellis was convicted for robbery and the murder of Boston Police