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AI art – artificial images, real repercussions

AI art – artificial images, real repercussions

(Photo courtesy of: Elegant Themes) “AI art has gotten out of hand for many people.” Ian Synge Connector Contributor AI has begun to infiltrate creative works at every level – writing, drawing, voicing, and even reconstructing faces. All of these have worrying consequences, to various degrees – but I believe art is the field in

Once again, UMass Lowell has to listen to hate on Sin Awareness Day

(Photo courtesy of: The Daily Campus) “The preachers travel from campus to campus harassing students.” Eric Shultz Connector Staff If UMass Lowell had a rogues’ gallery, then the preachers who come to campus on Sin Awareness Day would undoubtedly make the list. If you spend any amount of time on South Campus during the day,

UMass Lowell dining struggles with allergy labels

(Photo courtesy of: UMass Lowell) “The dining hall rarely have allergin labels which could be deadly for some students.” Riley Fontana Connector Editor We are always writing about the downfalls and occasional highlights of the UMass Lowell dining hall system. I have recently realized there is a major downfall to their system with labeling allergens.

College kids should be allowed to trick or treat

(Photo courtesy of: ABC27) “Trick or treating is a timeless tradition everyone should be a part of.” Alison Parker Connector Editor Each year, hundreds of excited children roam the streets of our local neighborhoods to go trick-or-treating. As college students, we look back at our memories as trick-or-treaters with fondness and nostalgia. Getting excited to

Characters from the 2000s era of Cartoon Network shows displayed on a pink and white checkered backdrop. Characters include: (top left to right) Flapjack, Bloo, Buttercup, Ben 10, Courage, (bottom left to right) Ed, Dexter, Mandy, Number 5, and Scooby Doo.

Cartoon Network falters in modern era

(Photo courtesy of: YouTuube) “Many fans are annoyed and disappointed with the new Cartoon Network shows.” Nate Coady Connector Staff My roommate recently started watching “Regular Show” for the first time. I’ve been sitting and watching a few episodes with him here and there and I always forget how hilarious that show is. I love