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Dining hall improvements at the end of the year

Dining hall improvements at the end of the year

(Photo courtesy of: UMass Lowell) “South Dining is the only option for South Campus students.” Riley Fontana Connector Editor We are at the tail end of the year which usually means random food is hitting the dining hall as they try to use up their stock. This year is very different as they are unveiling

Rolling Cones brighten days on South Campus

(Photo courtesy of: Rolling Cones) “The ice cream truck frequently seen on South Campus.” Riley Fontana Connector Editor Now that the weather is consistently nicer, for the most part South Campus has been blessed by the presence of the Rolling Cones ice cream truck. If you’re anything like me, you have already had a few

Bite sized science: Charlotte the sting ray

(Photo courtesy of: “Charlotte the sting ray.” Suhani Karki Connector Contributor In a North Carolina aquarium, a round stingray is opening dialogues around reproduction after she seemingly became pregnant from a white-spotted bamboo shark. This stingray named Charlotte will be giving birth to four pups, without ever having been in the presence of another

Movie Theater manners no long exist

(Photo courtesy of: Eater NY) “People are unable to respect movie theaters anymore.” Riley Fontana Connector Editor In the past month, I have seen exactly two movies in theaters, “Argylle” and “Lisa Frankenstein” to be exact, and maybe my movie choices play into the audiences I am experiencing, but people have been exceptionally rude during

UMass Lowell announces new two factor authenticity

(Photo courtesy of: Office 360 Reports) “Microsoft Authenticity is the newest in two factor authentication at Umass Lowell.” Riley Fontana Connector Editor  On Wednesday, February 14, 2024, UMass Lowell IT sent out an email saying the school was leaving Duo Mobile and opting for Microsoft Authenticator to have students and staff log into their accounts.