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Boston parking garage collapse highlights need for ongoing infrastructural initiatives

Boston parking garage collapse highlights need for ongoing infrastructural initiatives

(Photo courtesy of Live Boston 617) The collapse of the Boston Government Center parking garage highlights the need for infrastructural initiatives to continue to prioritize human safety over development.  Harrison Lee Connector Editor On March 26, a large portion of Boston’s Government Center parking garage collapsed, resulting in the fatality of Peter Monsini. In the wake

UMass Lowell to see tuition hike in upcoming school year

(Photo courtesy of UMass Lowell) Alongside an increase in tuition, residential students can also expect to see a spike in housing rates for the 2022-2023 school year. Qinglong Diep Connector Staff As many colleges and universities are considering increasing tuition for the next academic year, University of Massachusetts Lowell students will see a potential hike

Severe weather tears through south

(Photo courtesy of Gerald Herbert/Associated Press) An EF-3 tears through New Orleans as severe storms continue to spread chaos and destruction across the southern United States.  Tanner Hume Connector Editor In recent weeks, severe weather has marched through the southern United States, spawning tornadoes and leaving behind nothing but destruction in its path. Due to

UMass Lowell introduces Office of Student Life and Well-being

(Photo courtesy of Hannah Monbleau/UMass Lowell) On March 22, The Office of Student Life and Well-being hosted a trivia night dedicated to sleep, which was well received by students. Lillie Zate Connector Staff Recently, UMass Lowell has introduced the Office of Student Life and Well-being, with a focus on educating students on the eight dimensions

Graduate Students Union receives increased stipend, but problems remain

(Photo courtesy of UMass Lowell) The Graduate Student Union recently negotiated a contract with the university to increase wages and benefits for graduate student workers.  Alex Decato-Roed Connector Editor As the spring semester draws to a close, many students are preparing to graduate, ready to take the next step and enter the workforce, travel the

International factors influencing rising gas prices: An economic viewpoint on the increase

(Photo courtesy Opera News) The national average for gasoline is projected to go above $6 in the foreseeable future. Consumers have yet to be presented a transparent solution to curbing this inflation. Harrison Lee Connector Editor As recent as this past February, American gas prices have begun to skyrocket. The national average for the United

How will the lifted mask mandate affect the UMass Lowell Population?

(Photo courtesy of UMass Lowell) As of Feb. 28, face coverings are optional for all campus locations, including the Tsongas Center and the Inn and Conference Center. Face coverings will continue to be required in the Wellness Center and became optional on campus transportation on Saturday, March 12. Alex Decato-Roed Connector Editor On Monday, Feb.