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Dining hall improvements at the end of the year

Dining hall improvements at the end of the year

(Photo courtesy of: UMass Lowell) “South Dining is the only option for South Campus students.” Riley Fontana Connector Editor We are at the tail end of the year which usually means random food is hitting the dining hall as they try to use up their stock. This year is very different as they are unveiling

Student cry for gluten-free dining options

(Photo courtesy of: AllRecipies) “Students want gluten-free pasta, the way there is gluten pasta.” Morgan Mylon Connector Staff Gluten intolerance, otherwise known as celiac disease is a condition that causes your stomach to react when eating gluten, damaging the small intestine. Gluten is a protein found in wheat, rye, barley, and triticale. Gluten acts like

Best Bachelors in Stardew Valley

(Photo courtesy of Nintendo Studios) Natalia Gonzalez Connector Editor Of the many reasons to tie the knot in ConcernedApe’s “Stardew Valley,” character storylines and individual perks are usually what attract most to marriage in the open-ended RPG and hit indie game originally released in 2016. Marriage is a useful, but optional, feature to “Stardew Valley”

Student opinion on social justice and whether its politicized

(Photo courtesy of the copyright alliance organization) The National Association of Social Workers defines social justice as the view that everyone deserves equal economic, political and social rights and opportunities. Qinglong Diep Connector Staff I believe social justice has become increasingly politicized. Social justice issues can be found in every part of the world and

Opinion on women’s history month

(Photo Courtesy of Joey Lee for Shutterstock) International Women’s day is March 8th.  London Verdejo Connector Staff Women are the powerhouses of Earth. Women made many of our current technical advances. There are women who are leaders, fighters, artists, and innovators. Without women, contemporary society would not exist. And yet, according to the U.S. Department