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“Snapped: The Podcast” sheds light on Greek Life

(Photo courtesy of: Snapped: The Podcast) Lucy Taylor gives an in-depth look into Greek Life in ‘Snapped: The Podcast.'”

Riley Fontana
Connector Editor

“Snapped: The Podcast” is an inside look into Greek Life and how they operate on campuses. Hosted by Lucy Taylor, an ex-sorority sister, this podcast holds nothing back. It aims to educate everyone on Greek Life and the benefits that could come with leaving a bad organization. Having just wrapped its third season, “Snapped” is far from over with exposing the sorority and fraternity world. This podcast seeks to expose how dark these organizations can be.

The first season of “Snapped” was Taylor’s own story of the sexual assault she faced by a frat brother and how her sorority mishandled the whole situation. She detailed all of the other things she faced, including harassment from other sisters and them shaming her for her own body. Taylor reflected back on her time in the sorority and spoke about everything she realized was wrong once she had disaffiliated. During the very last episode, Taylor directly calls out where she attended college and what organization she was a part of, calling for more people to tell their stories.

The second season covered the dirty details behind rushing in the sorority world and the tactics used behind the scenes to cut people out. This season breaks down the details of tactics such as ranking and how pairing off works in the bigger, more competitive sororities. This season truly helped to bring “Snapped” into the major podcast world as it began to show how most Greek Life worked as opposed to how sororities work on just one campus.

The third season is where this podcast truly shines. This season is a series of interviews with different people from all over the world of Greek Life, discussing their own stories of harassment, assault, discrimination and so much more. This season is so powerful because of how difficult these stories are to listen to and for the guests to relive. These stories come from guests who now take the spotlight to call out their own organizations and the mishandling of countless situations.

The third season also covers hazing in depth. They talk about the death of Tim Piazza at Pennsylvania State University and many other incidents of hazing. There is nothing to shy away from in this season because this information needs to be shared with the masses. These stories are some of the hardest to listen to because hazing injuries and deaths are completely avoidable, but because tradition and power come into play, people get hurt every year for the sake of getting into a student organization.

Taylor and her interviewees encourage those who are not enjoying their time in Greek Life to leave, even though it seems incredibly scary. These organizations provide such a sense of community that for so many they fear leaving, but Taylor makes sure her listeners know there is community somewhere for everyone. Throughout the entire podcast the statement “Greek Life isn’t for everyone” is used, and Taylor is now asking “Who is Greek Life for then?” While there is no answer to her question yet, Taylor is breaking the mold of secrecy in Greek Life to educate everyone on what happens behind the chapter doors.

Overall Grade: A+

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