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“Young Sheldon” final season begins with a bang

(Photo courtesy of: Deadline) “Iain Armitage stars as Sheldon.”

Savannah Baker
Connector Editor

The well received spin-off of the beloved sitcom, “The Big Bang Theory”, has returned for its final season. “Young Sheldon” had its seventh and final season premiere on Feb. 15 on CBS with a new release every Thursday at 8pm EST.

Audiences were left on a cliffhanger in last season’s finale and now viewers pick up right where they left off. Despite the short, 20-minute run-time, the season premiere of “Young Sheldon” felt slower than usual. The show takes its time to effectively wrap up last season’s conflicts and to set up the potential conflicts and character dynamics audiences are to expect for the rest of the season.

With Sheldon and Mary away in Germany preparing for Sheldon’s study abroad program and the destruction of Meemaw’s home, the family dynamics back at the Cooper’s house have had a shift. As the Cooper’s readjust after the tornado rips through their town, Missy steps up and has some unexpected character development.

The light-hearted comedic show begins season seven with a tense and serious mood due to the nature of events that occurred during last season finale. But that does not last long as the mood picks up with humorous skits that are on par with the rest of the series. Audiences can still look forward to having a few laughs despite the serious events of tragedy—even Pastor Jeff finds himself in the mix with his own personal dilemma.

Because this episode had a larger focus on the story line that will take place back in Texas, audiences may be wondering if Sheldon is going to be overshadowed in his own show once again, but viewers need not worry. With Sheldon placed in a new environment, character development and new relationships are bound to appear as the season progresses.

A flaw the show runs into is the visible age difference in Missy and Sheldon from last season’s finale to now. The show is supposed to pick up with no time jump, but it is clear to viewers that the maturity of Missy and Sheldon does not align with the show’s time frame. Due to the fast-paced production and filming of “Young Sheldon”, the maturity of the characters between the two seasons is not overly striking, but still stands out.

As “Young Sheldon” comes to an end this season, devoted fans of “The Big Bang Theory” franchise do not have to fret as Warner Bros have announced another spin-off fan cans look forward to. The show will feature Georgie and Mandy as the protagonists and will follow them as new parents. It is expected that the show bridges more of the timeline gap between “Young Sheldon” and “The Big Bang Theory”. Audiences can anticipate enjoying this new spin-off as Warner Bros have not failed to please the fans thus far.

Overall Grade: A

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