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A shower of praise for “Urinetown”

A shower of praise for “Urinetown”

There are people wearing stubby, flesh colored mics on their cheeks, and there’s an almost unrelenting sense of levity… yep, it’s definitely a musical. But wait, what’s that self-aware narrator? You say this musical doesn’t end like your typical musical? Whaaaaaaa? For this year’s spring production, the UMass Lowell Off-Broadway Players (OBP) put forward a

“Punk Goes 90s Vol. 2” breaks dismal trend

Marlon Pitter Connector Editor Just seven months after Fearless Records fearlessly decided to release “Punk Goes Christmas,” the “Punk Goes” compilation series made a Red Sox-esque “worst to first” turnaround with the release of “Punk Goes 90s Vol. 2” on April 1. The newest cover album in the “Punk Goes” compilation series features covers of

Rogue Legacy: for your family

David MacDonald Connector Staff “Rogue Legacy” is the story of generation after generation of a family braving a cursed castle, progressing a bit farther each time before being defeated and starting again.  The game is a roguelike: a genre that prides itself on difficulty and where losing is not only expected, it is worked into

It’s not Lupus, House is on Netflix

Sarcasm, syringes, stitches and strippers. America’s favorite Sherlock Holmes expy returns to television in all of his 8 season glory with all of the wit and wisdom you can expect from Hugh Laurie and company. House tells the story of a drug addicted doctor who works against time to figure out diseases in a procedural

The band plays on in the semi-finals

Band of UML students, alumni tops a solid set of Boston area bands The competition was heating up, quite literally, as the quad of Western Education took the stage at TT The Bear’s Place in Cambridge as the last band on the night’s setlist. By the middle of the set, vocalist Greg Alexandropoulos had thrown

“Divergent” and damned good

A cut above the average dystopian story “You’re different. You don’t fit into a category. They can’t control you. They call it Divergent. You can’t let them find out about you.” says Tori, the mysterious Asian tattoo artist who kicks off the plot of the movie. Divergent is the latest dystopian novel to get a

Fundraising the Palladium

Jessica Lange Connector Contributor “There’s something special about this venue.” The Worcester Palladium staff prides themselves on two things: the history of the theatre and the fans that keep it running. Opening its doors in 1928, the Palladium has been tour stops for music festivals to comedians. Over 80 years old, the staff here knows