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Student petitions dining hall

Marlon Pitter Connector Editor Due to unpleasant weekend experiences at University Dining Commons in recent weeks, sophomore Joshua Smolinski decided to start an online petition on as his first step towards increasing the amount of food choices and hours for students to eat on weekends. Smolinski said he knew it was time to act


How much good can UMass Lowell do for the environment? That question will be answered over the next few weeks over the course of RecycleMania. RecycleMania is a national eight-week competition, running from Feb. 2 to March 29 to see which school can compost the most food and recycle the most electronics. This year will

Finding NEMA

David Rudderham Connector Staff Last weekend, the city of Lowell hosted the New England Music Awards at the Lowell Memorial Auditorium and other music events all around the city. The weekend was also busy with Winterfest where many local musicians had also played. On Friday, the day before the official New England Music Awards ceremonies,

How I became the Bionic Woman

Maddie Koufogzos Connector Editor I was born with a hearing deficit. Not a major one, but as I’ve gotten older, my hearing has worsened. When I was last tested by an audiologist, my hearing levels had dropped by 30 decibels, which makes hearing soft noises or conversations much more difficult. Although my hearing levels have

UMass Lowell up all night to get lucky

Shane Foley Connector Assistant Editor What was long seen as impossible by many a college student, occurred Wednesday night Fox Common; UMass Lowell found a way to make sex ed fun. Sexapalooza, with the use of a little creativity, a fair amount of good information and a whole lot of free condoms, gave students the

Commuter students struggle despite comforts of home

Sarah Pacht Connector Contributor Living in a dorm is a big part of the college experience for some students. For most people, going to college is the first time away from home, away from your pestering parents. No one can tell you what to do. You are on your own now, proving that you can

South Campus residents brave weekend famine

Limited dining options for South Campus residents force students to venture out for food Marlon Pitter Connector Editor Approximately 450 students reside in Sheehy and Concordia halls on South Campus. While some go home on weekends, others are left without much free will for food, leaving them hungry on weekends, students say. Because Mill City

UMass Lowell professor releases new book on Middle East

Dan Cook Connector Editor “The Palestinian front is affecting the entire Muslim world. All terrorists and militant activity in the world today has been initiated because of the Palestinian problem. This is because of the sense of hopelessness, alienation, and powerlessness.” UMass Lowell professor D.J. Deeb quoted former Pakistan President Pervez Musharraf in his recently