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International students: a different perspective

Al Gentile Connector Editor   Every student has a story. For international students coming to the United States for their education means crossing oceans, cultural boundaries and, in rare cases, having to tackle the challenge of communication with their peers and professors. According to the Institute of International Education, a nonprofit, international students account for

Stiff competition at the annual student-professor debate

Al Gentile Connector Editor DISCLAIMER: NONE OF THE OPINIONS EXPRESSED BY STUDENTS AND PROFESSORS AT THIS EVENT NECESSARILY REFLECT THEIR ACTUAL VIEWS ON THE GIVEN SUBJECT “It’s a good thing to get the students and professors on a more personal level,” said Danielle Brouder, psychology major and president of the Political Science Club. On Wednesday

Alternative House: a refuge from domestic abuse

Al Gentile Connector Editor Domestic abuse is a problem that spans age, gender, social status and race. For many Americans, domestic abuse has deeply affected their lives. In fact, a 2010 National Intimate Partner and Sexual Violence Survey found that nearly one in three women and one in five men experienced rape, physical violence or

Rourke Bridge construction to end in October

A permanent solution is upwards of a decade away Al Gentile Connector Editor Recent construction on the Rourke Bridge in Lowell has redirected large amounts of traffic onto the University Bridge route, heavily affecting both native North Campus and inter-Campus travel. Students and Lowell citizens at large are asking themselves, “What’s going on? When will

‘The Golden Echo:’ Welcome to Divatown – Kimbra review

Al Gentile Connector Editor Kimbra’s “The Golden Echo” is a such musical quilt of disparate styles – ranging from 70′s funk and soul to 80′s urban pop, 90′s R&B and modern psychedelic electronics – that it’s impossible to place in one genre. This helps make her most recent effort so endearing. Kimbra is no stranger

Police, community come together for “Coffee with a Cop”

Al Gentile Connector Editor On Wednesday Sept. 24, several members of the UMass Lowell Police Department and the Lowell Municipal City Police Department gathered at University Crossing to meet with members of the community to participate in an open forum as part of the “Coffee with a Cop” event. As community members and police officers

University Crossing grand opening a grand slam

Alex Gentile Connector Editor On Tuesday, Sept. 16, dignitaries from the UMass University system, local icons, facilities personnel, faculty and students came together for the grand opening of University Crossing, with a lavish ribbon cutting ceremony. The event began with an opening reception. Patrons mingled among themselves with food, drink and jazz music from two

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