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Denzel Washington's character in "The Equalizer 3", Robert McCall, subduing a man.

The Equalizer 3 shoots a blank in trilogy

The Equalizer 3 shoots a blank in trilogy

(Photo courtesy of CNN) “‘The Equalizer 3’ is a disappointing third installment to the series.” Troy Lafond Connector Staff “The Equalizer” franchise follows a simple premise: watch Denzel Washington brutally kill an array of mercenaries. This simple concept has carried Washington, as well as director Antoine Furqua, across three films now. While seeing such an

Netflix’s “Chupa” lives up to its name in translation

(Photo courtesy of Rotten Tomatoes) “‘Chupa’ fails to replicate the story ‘E.T.’ told decades prior in a meaningful way.” Riley Fontana Connector Editor Uninspired writing, incorrect folklore and bad CGI make up Netflix’s original movie “Chupa.” Set vaguely in the 90s it follows young Alex, played by Evan Whitten, as he travels to Mexico to

“Honor Among Thieves” is an honor to watch

(Photo courtesy of Dicebreaker) “‘Honor Among Thieves’ is the D&D movie fans of the game have been waiting for for years. Riley Fontana Connector Editor Adaptations of the famed tabletop game Dungeons and Dragons have been hit or miss, until now. “Dungeons and Dragons: Honor Among Thieves” brings to the table everything previous adaptations were

“John Wick: Chapter 4” – more action, more falling, more Keanu

(Photo courtesy of FilmAffinity) “Keanu Reeves approaches his 10th year playing John Wick as the fourth installment hits theaters.” Andrew Wilcox Connector Editor Movie sequels and saga conclusions are difficult things to navigate in the film world. Building on the stories that are already there while also trying to find new avenues that have yet

“Scream VI” revives horror franchise in its bloodiest installment yet

(Photo courtesy of Vulture) “”Scream VI” brings the franchise to a new setting in America’s Big Apple.” Kali Patterson Connector Editor Ghostface is back in “Scream VI,” the latest installment in the slasher franchise. The film features returning stars like Jenna Ortega and Courtney Cox, while introducing franchise newcomers such as Samara Weaving and Jack

“Knock at the Cabin” is an apocalyptic disappointment

(Photo courtesy of The New York Times) “Knock at the Cabin” may not be remembered as the best of Shyamalan’s output. Troy Lafond Connector Editor Night Shyamalan has had perhaps the most tumultuous career of any director in modern Hollywood. “Knock at the Cabin” is his most interesting film since his 2015 comeback to credibility,

Marvel shrinks to new low with “Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania”

(Photo courtesy of Entertainment Weekly) “Quantumania” makes great use of Jonathan Majors, while others’ roles are underwhelming. Troy Lafond Connector Editor When a franchise, especially one as notable for having a film-by-film formula as the Marvel Cinematic Universe, reaches its thirty-first installment, it is reasonable to expect that the flaws of this formula would be showing

“M3GAN” turns the classic haunted doll genre on its head

(Photo courtesy of IMDb) “M3GAN” will surprise fans of similar stories with a fresh spin on the concept that is sure to keep people on their toes. Valentina Munoz Roa Connector Contributor The sci-fi, horror “M3GAN” has taken the media by storm. Anyone with social media, a phone or even a TV has undoubtedly seen