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‘Haunted:’ weak for ghost shows and for Netflix

‘Haunted:’ weak for ghost shows and for Netflix

“Haunted” is the second Netflix original with producer Howard Owens attached to it. (Photo courtesy of Netflix) Owen Johnson Connector Editor Netflix has been sinking its teeth into every genre out there to create their own original content. With “The Haunted,” the streaming service has now reached the true-story paranormal documentary series genre, and it

Underrated Classics: ‘The Staircase’ is an amazing journey

“The Staircase” editor Sophie Brunet had a 15-year relationship with Michael Peterson, which lasted from 2002 until 2017. (Photo courtesy of Canal+ and Netflix) Owen Johnson Connector Editor In the past few years, Netflix has been bringing the genre of true crime documentaries such as “Making a Murderer” and “The Keepers” to the forefront of

“Crazy Ex-Girlfriend” is crazy underrated

Season four of “Crazy Ex-Girlfriend” will be the last season of the show. (Photo courtesy of CBS Television Distribution) Troy Lafond Connector Staff On October 12, 2015, The CW premiered the first episode of their new romantic musical comedy, “Crazy Ex-Girlfriend.” By the end of its first season, it was the least watched show not only

‘Manifest’ review: It is just plane good

The first season will have sixteen episodes. (Photo courtesy of Compari Entertainment) Taylor Carito Connector Editor Do people who fear of flying ever think about the possibility of having really bad turbulence and landing five years after they took off? Well, maybe they will start thanks to “Manifest.” An interesting premise combining planes, trains and

Watching ‘Big Mouth’ is a big mistake

(Photo courtesy of Netflix) Owen Johnson Connector Editor The lesson anyone who watches the show should derive from “Big Mouth” is to not judge a book by its cover. While it may be a Netflix original series and have a number of prominent comedic actors attached to it, it is a disastrous farce of a

How Low Can ‘Bojack Horseman’ Go?

Comedy Central acquired linear television rights to the series on Jul. 26, 2018. (Photo courtesy of Netflix) Troy Lafond Conector Contributor On Friday, Sept.14, everyone’s favorite depressed horse returned to Netflix. The debut of “Bojack Horseman” season five has brought with it everything that the show has utilized to remain incredible. The juxtaposition of the

‘Sacred Lies:’ A cult classic?

‘Sacred Lies’ is based on the 2015 novel ‘The Sacred Lies of Minnow Bly’ by Stephanie Oaks. (Photo courtesy of Angry Annie Productions) Taylor Carito Connector Editor One of two shows to ever generate interest off of Facebook Watch, “Sacred Lies” takes readers through underdeveloped characters, mysteriously disappearing plots, and a crazy cult that spent

‘Troy: Fall of a City’ falls short of potential

The show was filmed in Cape Town, South Africa. (Photo courtesy of Endemol Shine Group) Josh Plunkett Connector Contributor This month, Netflix added the BBC’s new adaptation of the Trojan War for American audiences. This new interpretation of the war’s events includes a few compelling story elements, moments and characters never before delved into in

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