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Off-campus housing in crisis?: City of Lowell considers rental amendment

Off-campus housing in crisis?: City of Lowell considers rental amendment

The meeting for the amendment will be held at Lowell City Hall at 5:30 p.m. on Tuesday. (Photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons) Conor Dawson and Hannah Manning Connector Editors Students at UMass Lowell may encounter roadblocks to living with their friends off-campus if an amendment by the City of Lowell gets passed, which would make

Mill No. 5 showcases a new “Destination” in downtown Lowell

The sign for Vinyl Destination welcomes patrons in Mill No. 5 (Jason Ounpraseuth/Connector) Jason Ounpraseuth Connector Editor “It’s all vinyl, and that’s final.” That’s the primary thing to know when walking into Vinyl Destination, a shop run on the fourth floor of Mill No. 5. Dave Perry and his son Dan started this shop in

Professor sponsors lecture on CTE and concussions

Dr. Robert Stern shares his findings on Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy (CTE) (Photo courtesy of Jacob Belcher / Boston Herald) Jason Ounpraseuth Connector Editor Dr. Robert A. Stern and his colleagues at Boston University (BU) have spent the last couple of years studying the brains of deceased athletes and researching long-term effects sports like football and

Riverhawks weigh in on election ballot questions

Jessica Kergo Connector Staff Midterm elections are coming up here in Massachusetts and in addition to a range of state and local elections for public office, Massachusetts voters will also be deciding on three ballot initiatives. Question one is a limit on how many patients can be assigned to registered nurses in hospitals and other

Op-250 scores million-dollar DOJ grant for cyber security education

Operation 250 team members include, from left, Asst. Prof. Neil Shortland, director of the Center for Terrorism and Security Studies; UMass Lowell graduates Jaime Keenan and Danielle Thibodeau; student Nicolette San Clemente; and graduates Jonas Pierribia and Tyler Cote. (Photo courtesy of Neil Shortland) Andrew Sciascia Connector Editor Acclaimed across the northeast as a top-of-the-line

Cumnock reopens, student organizations impacted by university growing pains

Andrew J. Sciascia Connector Editor In previous academic years, North Campus students have found themselves between classes sitting out in their cars, cramped elbow to elbow in hallways outside their lecture halls to do homework or making the lengthy trek back to Fox Dining Commons just to have a bite. Recognizing a key issue in

Center for Asian American Studies to host forum about the 1991 Paris Peace Accords

Jessica Kergo Connector Staff The Cambodian culture in Lowell, Massachusetts is felt strongly throughout the city and the UMass Lowell community. UMass Lowell shares a city with the second largest Cambodian population in the United States and members of the university are working to support an understanding of the culture and the country’s rich and

Bike Shop and Outdoor Adventure move to new space

A student worker for the Bike Shop works on a bicycle. (Hannah Manning/Connector) Hannah Manning Connector Editor Any students curious about how they can enjoy the great outdoors while getting their education have an exciting new place to call home — and it happens to be closer than they might think. UMass Lowell’s bike shop

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