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Former MA Justice Lowy visits UMass Lowell

Former MA Justice Lowy visits UMass Lowell

(Photo courtesy of flickr) “Justice David Lowy being sworn in.” Michael Makiej Connector Staff On Friday, April 12, 2024, a packed classroom of students waited in Coburn Hall for one of the school’s most exceptional guest speakers to date. Former Justice David Lowy of the Massachusetts State Supreme Judicial Court spoke with students about his

Trump Gagged in Manhattan Hush Money Case

(Photo courtesy of CNN) “Donald J. Trump in court.” Duncan Cowie Connector Editor For the first time in the History of America, there is about to be a former president standing trial in a criminal case. Donald J. Trump is currently involved in multiple cases against him, including Georgia election interference, federal election interference, Mar-a-Lago

Analysis of the 2024 Congressional Elections

(Photo courtesy of 270townin) “2024 electoral map.” Eric Schultz Connector Editor With most of the news coverage of the 2024 elections being focused on the Presidential Election, the U.S. House and Senate Elections have taken a backseat in terms of news coverage and attention. As it stands, the Republican Party controls the House of Representatives

Francis Scott Key Bridge collapses from shipping vessel collision

(Photo courtesy of CNN) “The Dali ship after coming into collision with the Francis Scott Key Bridge.” Duncan Cowie Connector Editor On Tuesday, March 26, the Francis Scott Key Bridge in Baltimore, Maryland was struck by a Singaporean cargo and completely broke down. The Dali, which is owned by Singaporean company Grace Ocean Ptd Ltd,

WNDR Museum Opens in Boston’s Downtown Crossing

(Photo courtesy of Sabine Laurent de Cannon) “One of the many exhibits at Boston’s WNDR Museum.” Sabine Laurent de Cannon Connector Contributor  “My job is [to] make the impossible possible,” Giancarlo Natale said as he concluded leading a tour through the exhibits. Natale is the general manager of the new attraction in Boston’s Downtown Crossing:

The latest in reproductive legislation

(Photo courtesy of Lanozione) “Gavel on table infront of American Flag” Sabine LaurentdeCannon Connector Contributor  Two years have passed since Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health overturned the Roe v. Wade Supreme Court decision, putting reproductive health back in the hands of the states. The Roe v. Wade decision provided constitutional protection to abortions performed before

Navigating the cracks: a look into Lowell’s pothole predicament

(Photo courtesy of Shark1053) “Potholes in the street.” Mitch Becker Connector Contributor  With the snowy winters and warm summers in Lowell, it can cause a lot of damage to the city’s roads, but many people don’t know that we can help the city repair these potholes.  Why are there so many potholes in Lowell? Firstly,