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Q&A with Associate Dean of students affairs for violence prevention, Anne Ciraldi

Q&A with Associate Dean of students affairs for violence prevention, Anne Ciraldi

(Photo courtesy of Julia Ashley Connector Contributor Annie Ciaraldi is the Associate Dean of Student Affairs for Compliance and Violence Prevention. She is also the Title IX Deputy Coordinator and Single Point of Contact (SPOC) for Food and Housing Insecure Students. She has her undergraduate degree in political science and psychology and has a

Remembering the “imagine”-ative John Lennon Umass Lowell pays tribute to a legend

(Photo courtesy of Hulton archive/Getty images) On the 40th anniversary of music legend John Lennon’s death, Umass Lowell held a zoom webinar discussing his legacy.  Matthew Micale Connector Contributer Tuesday, December 8 marked the 40th anniversary of the tragic loss of musical artist and political activist John Lennon. Members of the UMass Lowell community gathered

Painting a picture of Lowell’s art community during a Pandemic

(Photo courtesy of Forbes) Art galleries around the world have had to accommodate and adapt to COVID-19 social distancing guidelines/protocols Evelis Cruz Connector Contributer During the COVID-19 pandemic, Lowell’s art community has sustained significant impacts while undergoing complicated changes. Members of the art community said that they have confronted innumerable challenges. The state forced many

The Pawtucket Greenway project aims to connect Umass Lowell’s Campuses

(Photo courtesy of Ed Brennen) The new Northern Canal Overlook, which was completed this summer, will help enhance the Pawtucket Greenway project. David Rosario Connector staff UMass Lowell is working on a new project called the Pawtucket Greenway. The project will create a shared-use path for walkers and cyclists between UML’s East and South campuses.

UMass Lowell’s Art Student Union hosts a postcard event focused on Black lives matter movement

(Photo courtesy of Photo showcases protesters in face masks walking down a street holding a Black lives matter flag Cassandra Milnes Connector Editor The UML Art Student Union is hosting a postcard event reflecting the times we currently live in through a non-profit “mail in art order.” President of the Art Student Union, Brooke

How remote learning is affecting higher education according to students and professors

(Photo courtesy of Ridofranz/Getty Images) Timothy Delay Connector Contributor Every aspect of human life has changed as a result of the pandemic. For students, this change is seen in-part through a web camera and a computer screen. Although some universities have begun holding in-person classes, UMass Lowell is only conducting essential lab work to be

The battle for women in STEM

(Photo courtesy of STOCKPHOTO.COM/VECTOR ARTIST) Photo shows a cartoon woman with chemistry symbols, atoms and other science related drawings in her hair.  Natalie Battle Connector Contributor Over the years, sexism in the fields of science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) has become a more openly known and prevalent issue. As women begin to fill more

College advising amid a Global Pandemic

(Photo courtesy of Umass Lowell Graduate, Online & Professional Studies website) Photo shows a drawing of three books stacked on top of each other with a digital mouse in the right hand corner to showcase the evolving nature of online advising. Victor Martinez Connector Contributor The surge of COVID-19 has had an unparalleled impact on

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