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Another semester, not another headache

Another semester, not another headache

Advisers help students create a path for success (Courtesy of UMass Lowell) Brigid Archibald Connector Contributor During the 2015-2016 academic year, the Committee of Academic Affairs, led by Rob Callahan, put out surveys that found as the university had grown many first-year students, including transfer students, were confused by the current advising model. They found

New dining hall coming to USuites

A rendering of the intended seating layout for the USuites Dining Hall, scheduled to open in January 2018. (Courtesy of Student Affairs) Morgan Joubert Connector Contributor As the growing university continues to expand, so does a growing population of students, and with more students, more meal plans. With new residence halls and additional property being

Freshman perspective: First semester takeaways

A UMass Lowell student ponders the endless possibilities in her future while admiring the canal. (Courtesy of Navitas at UMass Lowell) Nick Bramante Connector Staff With the dawn of the New Year comes the official end of the first semester for many freshmen attending UMass Lowell. The first semester experience is crucial in preparing freshmen

Rumba Latina: A glamorous night of art, food and culture

MCs Gerard Colome (left) and Orquidia Paulino (right). (Jessica Kergo/Connector) Jessica Kergo Connector Staff At 10 minutes of seven this past Saturday night, Latin American Student Association, LASA, students and the numerous other affiliated student organizations congregated in and around Moloney Hall at University Crossing as they eagerly prepared for the upcoming festivities of their

UMass Lowell students manfacture low-cost prosthetics

Shane Foley Connector Editor In 2015, a video of Robert Downey, Jr. as Iron Man drew great popularity on YouTube. This video was not advertising any “Iron Man” or “Avengers” movie, rather it was to deliver a prosthetic hand to a child born with a partially-developed right arm. Downey, Jr. teamed up with college student

UMass Lowell parking crisis and raised decal prices

Nicholas Driscoll Connector Contributor If you were to ask any commuter or resident student who attends UMass Lowell what their opinion is regarding the university’s parking decal prices, be prepared to listen to a five minute rant. “Paying $400+ to park in inconvenient and insufficient lots is ridiculous. I would rather park on the street

SGA hosts Chancellor’s Forum with city manager

At University Crossing, students present ideas for Lowell’s future Samuel Linstead-Atkinson Connector Staff As the campuses and student population of UMass Lowell continue to grow, many are turning to a current initiative that will tailor the city in order to better suit the university. Along with the Student Government Association and Chancellor Marty Meehan, city

Stiff competition at the annual student-professor debate

Al Gentile Connector Editor DISCLAIMER: NONE OF THE OPINIONS EXPRESSED BY STUDENTS AND PROFESSORS AT THIS EVENT NECESSARILY REFLECT THEIR ACTUAL VIEWS ON THE GIVEN SUBJECT “It’s a good thing to get the students and professors on a more personal level,” said Danielle Brouder, psychology major and president of the Political Science Club. On Wednesday

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