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“The Orville” is an unexpected surprise

“The Orville” is an unexpected surprise

“The Orville” was a passion project for Seth Macfarlane, who wrote the original screenplay for the show before pitching it to Fox. (Photo courtesy of 20th Century Fox Television) Owen Johnson Connector Staff Seth MacFarlane is a very hit or miss comedian. In all of his works, whether it be “Family Guy,” “American Dad” or

Father John Misty begins second leg of “Pure Comedy” Tour in Boston

Father John Misty has released 10 studio albums since his debut in 2003, the first seven of which were published under his real name, Josh Tillman. (Christopher Romano/UML Connector) Christopher Romano Connector Staff The last time Father John Misty visited Boston in 2016, he performed a sold-out, energetic show at the House of Blues on

The Dig rip through synth pop set in Cambridge

The Dig has released three studio albums since their debut in 2010. (Christopher Romano/UML Connector) Christopher Romano Connector Staff The sounds of the ‘80s came alive when The Dig opened for Dan Croll at The Sinclair. Playing through an upbeat, feel good set mostly consisting of songs from their latest release, “Bloodshot Tokyo,” The Dig

‘American Dream’ is not LCD Soundsystem’s best

‘American Dream’s’ final track ‘Black Screen’ is meant to be a homage to David Bowie. (Courtesy of DFA Studios) Patrick Connell Connector Contributor James Murphy, front-man of rock band LCD Soundsystem, said he has been obsessed with making grand statements and being lauded since as late as 2002 when he and his band released the

‘Pokemon Colosseum:’ Or walk in a desert for 40 hours

‘Pokemon Colosseum’ was the best-selling RPG released on the GameCube. (Courtesy of The Pokemon Company) Shane Foley Connector Staff In comparison to its two predecessors, “Pokemon Colosseum” was a large departure for the line of main console “Pokemon” games. Although the “Pokemon Stadium” entries were popular, The Pokemon Company elected to stray away from the

Season 4 of ‘BoJack Horseman’ falls inferior

Season 4 of BoJack Horseman premiered July 22. (Courtesy of Owen Johnson Connector Editor When “Bojack Horseman” first started out, it sounded like a terrible idea. A ‘90s sitcom star going about his daily life as a depressed, cynical, alcoholic and washed up actor who has not done anything relevant in two decades, and

Swift’s new single is not good

Vrinda Punj Connector Contributor When Taylor Swift’s entire Instagram account was mysteriously wiped clean late last August, fans completely lost their minds. At that point, it became clear that the sweet country girl singing songs about summer love was gone entirely and replaced with a pop star whose only goal in life is to profit

Queens of the Stone Age ‘Villains’ review

‘Villains’ is Queens of the Stone Age’s seventh studio album. (Courtesy of Matador Records) Emily Toomey Connector Staff Queens of The Stone Age just released their seventh studio album titled “Villains.” They have tried a different creation compared to their normal sound, including a much groovier vibe. Known for their hypnotic guitar riffs, this album

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