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‘Forsaken’ breathes life back into ‘Destiny’ franchise

‘Forsaken’ breathes life back into ‘Destiny’ franchise

“Destiny 2” was initially released on Sep. 6, 2017 for XBox and PlayStation 4. (Photo courtesy of Activision) Conor Dawson Connector Editor The original “Destiny” was a game with a lot of potential and a rich backstory, filled with collectable lore. The “Destiny” franchise has one of the richest universes to date in video games.

‘The Predator’ falls prey to its shortcomings

Arnold Schwarzenegger, star of the original “Predator” film, was considered for a cameo, but turned it down due to how small the role was. (Photo courtesy of 20th Century Fox) Owen Johnson Connector Editor A movie that is part of a horror action film franchise made by a guy who is most known for writing

‘Sacred Lies:’ A cult classic?

‘Sacred Lies’ is based on the 2015 novel ‘The Sacred Lies of Minnow Bly’ by Stephanie Oaks. (Photo courtesy of Angry Annie Productions) Taylor Carito Connector Editor One of two shows to ever generate interest off of Facebook Watch, “Sacred Lies” takes readers through underdeveloped characters, mysteriously disappearing plots, and a crazy cult that spent

‘Safe in the Hands of Love’ too inconsistent for praise

It is Yves Tumor’s third studio album. (Photo courtesy of Warp) Pat Connell Connector Staff “Safe in the Hands of Love” is the newest album by Yves Tumor, an experimental electronic music artist with a global spread of places he has been recording throughout the years: Italy, Miami, Berlin and Los Angeles. In a similar

‘Spider-Man’ is an early contender for Game of the Year

“Spider-Man” was nominated for best action game and won best PlayStation4 at 2018’s Gamescom. (Photo courtesy of Sony Interactive Entertainment) Andrew Sciascia Connector Editor From clunky abominations like 1999’s “Superman” for the Nintendo 64 to near-perfect glimpses into the world of comic books like the “Batman: Arkham” franchise, the world of gaming has long sought

Underrated classics: ‘Blade Runner’ is a science fiction must-see

‘Blade Runner’ is based on Philip K. Dick’s 1968 novel ‘Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep.’ (Photo courtesy of Warner Bros.) Mikey Gergely Connector Contributor Billowing flames plume over Los Angeles’ towering skyline. Glowing neon lights dimly outline futuristic skyscrapers whose strange forms rise from darkness below and a hovering car flies onto the scene

The truth is ‘Truth or Dare’ is awful

Director Jeff Wadlow was hired after he came up with an idea for the movie’s opening scene. (Photo courtesy of Universal Pictures) Owen Johnson Connector Editor Horror movies that are based around games, such as “Ouija,” and horror movies that have dumb titles, such as “The Bye Bye Man,” tend to be awful. “Truth or

‘Chappaquiddick’ is underdeveloped but passable

“Chappaquiddick” originally premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival on September 10, 2017. (Photo courtesy of Entertainment Studios Motion Pictures) Owen Johnson Connector Editor “Chappaquiddick” had the potential to be a great, if not superb, historical drama, but it fails to transcend averageness due to a feeling of underdevelopment. Based on the true story of

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