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Balanced Celtics team looks to start 2015 season strong

Balanced Celtics team looks to start 2015 season strong

Celtics guard Isiah Thomas is slated to have a breakout season. (Andrew D. Bernstein/Getty Images) Henry St. Pierre Connector Staff The Boston Celtics finished the 2014-2015 season with 40 wins, enough to make it into the playoffs as the seventh-seed only to get ousted by Cleveland in the first round. During the second half of

Hockey players are straight up crazy: The five oddest NHL personalities

Courtesy Photo Kyle Gaudette Connector Editor You need to have a multitude of skills if you wish to one day play in the National Hockey League: examples of these are poise, speed, strength and decision-making. What many NHL players have shown us, however, are that one can play professional hockey with a couple screws loose.

Offseason moves have Bruins looking for improved 2016 season

Courtesy Photo Darren McFadden Connector Contributor Last season was not the best for the Boston Bruins. As fans will remember, the team ended the season a measly two points away from a spot in the playoffs that was taken by the Pittsburgh Penguins. New general manager Don Sweeney has the same plan in mind that

Don’t book your Super Bowl tickets just yet

Tom Brady and the New England Patriots look to achieve the ultimate goal this season: another Super Bowl championship. (David Butler II/USA Today Sports) Zachary Zuber Connector Editor After an offseason dominated by courtroom drama, destroyed cell phones and the loss of key players, many were curious as to how the defending Super Bowl champions

Don’t poke the G.O.A.T.: An angry Tom Brady is bad for the NFL

Photo courtesy of Getty Images Kyle Gaudette Connector Editor Football fans and analysts alike always love to have “greatest of all time,” or “G.O.A.T,” discussions when referring to the few elites who have stepped onto the football field. New England Patriots fans have been participants of that debate when it comes to the play of

The future of Fenway’s fresh young faces looks bright

Benjamin St. Pierre Connector Staff The 2015 Boston Red Sox are not going to make the playoffs. They have not yet been mathematically eliminated, but with there being less than a month’s worth of games remaining and the team being seven games back from the second Wild Card spot, it would take nothing short of

Justice Berman overrules Goodell’s four-game suspension of Tom Brady

Last Thursday, the home of the American Revolution once again celebrated freedom from tyranny, for their savior, Tom Brady, was released from his four game suspension and allowed to pursue life, liberty, and his fifth championship ring. Brady would not be free, however, if it wasn’t for Justice Richard Berman and his recognition of some

Fantasy Corner: a growing need for 1.21 Giga-‘Watts’

ESPN’s list of their top-100 players dropped on Tuesday, and revealed Texans’ Defensive Lineman J.J Watt as the “greatest player in the NFL.” Watt has dazzled the league over the past three years with his insane defensive prowess, as well as his downright freakish athletic nature. He has become famous for batting down footballs at

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