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Celtics mid-season report

Celtics mid-season report

Courtesy Photo Henry St. Pierre Connector Staff Before the 2015-2016 season tipped off, I wrote an article predicting the Celtics should be able to win between 44-50 games this season. Through 47 games, a little more than halfway through the season, the Celtics sit at 26-21 and are in sole possession of the Eastern Conference’s

Super Bowl preview: Carolina’s offense versus Denver’s defense

Peyton Manning hopes to win Super Bowl 50 in what might be his last game as an NFL quarterback. (Photo courtesy of CBS Sports) Michaela Hyde and Alexa Hyde Connector Staff The Denver Broncos and the Carolina Panthers go head to head in Arizona on February seventh for Super Bowl 50. AFC Champion Broncos are

Patriots season recap: The mighty have fallen

Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski was one of few bright spots during the team’s AFC Championship matchup against the Denver Broncos. (AP Photo/Charlie Riedel) Michaela Hyde and Alexa Hyde Connector Staff The New England Patriots started off the 2015 season with controversy, uncertainty, and a bad reputation. The defending Super Bowl champions began their 2015

Deflategate a year later: How have the Pats fared?

Tom Brady and Bill Belichick dealt with an offseason full of controversy (Getty Images). Alex Salucco Connector Contributor Last Monday marked the one year anniversary of the Indianapolis Colts’ temper tantrum; more commonly known as ‘Deflategate’. My stance has been the same all along; Tom Brady was “more than generally aware”, however, he is still

Malcolm Butler is not a number one corner…yet

Courtesy of Getty Images Kyle Gaudette Connector Editor Wait what? Did you seriously just read that headline? Are you questioning my sanity? Now are you getting annoyed by these series of questions which from a journalistic sense is an unorthodox way to begin an article? Do I have your attention now? As we all know,

Fantasy Corner: Week 11

Darren McFadden should have a good game this week against the Dolphins. (Ray Carlin/USA Today Sports) Tyler O’Keefe Connector Staff Football fans, believe it or not, it is already Week 11 in the NFL–one week away from the Thanksgiving games and three from the first week of playoffs in fantasy. These last games are crucial

American domination of Olympic basketball

Photo courtesy of Getty Images Alexa Hyde Connector Staff Basketball has been an Olympic sport since 1936, and has regularly been featured in the Olympics since. America has regularly dominated the Olympics since 1936 as well. America has the most gold medals in basketball, boasting 21 gold medals for men and women combined. The United

State of the WNBA: Why is it still successful?

Photo courtesy of the WNBA Alexa Hyde Connector Staff The Women’s National Basketball Association (WNBA) saw the success of its nineteenth season this year. The season concluded on Oct. 14, 2015 with the Minnesota Lynx being crowned champions. However, the WNBA is not known for its popularity, and players often play overseas and get paid

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