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River Hawk pride is neither judgmental nor exclusive

River Hawk pride is neither judgmental nor exclusive

UMass Lowell students will celebrate the university’s 125th year in operation with a series of special 2019 Homecoming events across campus. (Photo courtesy of UMass Lowell) Serena Arora Connector Staff When I started researching colleges, I desperately wanted to be admitted to one in New York City.  After growing up in a high school full of what I

“El Camino” wonderfully closes off “Breaking Bad”

Despite being a Netflix original movie, “El Camino” got a limited theatrical release. (Photo courtesy of Netflix) Curtis Deese Connector Staff In the history of television, never has there been an ending as inconclusive to a character’s arc as the one Jesse Pinkman receives in the final episode of Vince Gilligan’s television masterpiece, “Breaking Bad.”

School honors legacy of a departed alumna with 5k walk/run

Cassandra Milnes Connector Editor For Homecoming weekend this year, UMass Lowell will host the 21st annual Jennifer D‘Amour 5K Run & Walk at the Tsongas Center. The event, which will take place on Saturday, Oct. 19 at 10 a.m., was established by UMass Lowell for alumna Jennifer D‘Amour. D’Amour was a runner for the UMass

UMass Lowell celebrates its legacy of 125 years with alumni and students during homecoming

Katlyn Santo Connector Staff Homecoming is here, and UMass Lowell is celebrating its 125th anniversary. UMass Lowell started 125 years ago with the Lowell textile and Lowell normal school, according to Heather Makrez Allen, the executive director of alumni and donor relations. The university has undergone many changes in those 125 years. UMass Lowell has

Alumni spotlight: Veteran earns accounting degree proves it is never too late to go back

(Photo courtesy of Jonathan Perez) Ashley Rose Rivera Connector editor A member of UMass Lowell’s 2014 graduating class, Jonathan Perez holds more than just the title of an alumni. He is a veteran, husband and father in his daily life and during his academic one, was a non-traditional commuter transfer student. Perez’s story is one

Favorite student food locations around campus

Wings Over in Lowell is a student favorite for wings (Photo courtesy of Wings Over) Cassandra Milnes Connector Editor For homecoming weekend, many friends and families will be visiting students and attending all of UMass Lowell’s events. After the events, here are a few places to visit for all kinds of dining experiences all over

HawkTalk: History of UMass Lowell mascots

Once upon a time, Rowdy was predominantly red (Photo courtesy of UMass Lowell) Cassandra Milnes Connector Editor “Go River Hawks!” cry students as beloved UMass Lowell mascot, Rowdy River Hawk, runs out in front of the crowd. What would this campus do without him? Well, red and blue Rowdy was not always the cheerful mascot

Underrated Classics: “Synecdoche, New York”

Renowned movie critic Roger Ebert ranked “Synecdoche, New York” as the best film of the 2000s. (Photo courtesy of Sony Pictures Classics) Curtis Deese Connector Contributor Phillip Seymour Hoffman died in February of the year 2014 from combined drug intoxication. He was only 46 years old. Whenever a star dies at a young age, it

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