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Third annual Chords for Cancer big success

Third annual Chords for Cancer big success

Melanie Case Connector Staff On Sat. April 11, music performance major Jessica Hall hosted her third annual cancer benefit show, Chords for Cancer. All proceeds from the show are donated to the UMass Memorial Cancer Center of Excellence, located in Worcester, Mass. The show was hosted in Lowell in The Onyx Room at Western Avenue

Some advice for a nicer life: Review of Have A Nice Life’s ‘Deathconsciousness’

Benjamin St. Pierre Connector Staff We all experience moments of pure bliss upon finally finding the thing we didn’t even know was missing. Like a sickness that has finally been remedied by a medicine you didn’t even know existed. Like a feeling that, although there may be numerous incomplete structures within your being, you’ve at

“American Idiot:” 10 years later

Marlon Pitter Connector Editor Green Day’s iconic punk rock opera, “American Idiot,” turned ten this Saturday. Before Sept. 20, 2004, this generation had never seen – nor heard – anything like it. But now, all around the world, “American Idiot” is a household name. “American Idiot,” Green Day’s best-selling album since “Dookie” ten years prior,

“Frail Communion”? Spotlight on Opeth’s newest album

Benjamin St. Pierre Connector Contributor   On Aug. 25, 2014, Swedish progressive metal titan Opeth released their 11th studio album, “Pale Communion.” Opeth is globally renowned among metal fans for their cerebral lyrics, haunting yet beautiful melodies and the ability to seamlessly blend clean (regular singing) and growled vocals (both done by Mikael Akerfeldt, the

Top college-themed albums

Continuing our “best college-themed” series, we bring you a list of college-themed albums. Okay, it’s pretty tough to find albums that are “college themed” per se, so we compiled ones that have to do with school or include the words “school” or “college.” Regardless, these are all great albums that deserve a listen. “The College

Boston Calling September 2014 preview and guide

Regina Alongi Connector Editor What do Lorde, Neutral Milk Hotel, Nas, The Replacements, Childish Gambino and The National have in common? They’re all going to be sleeping in our backyards for the weekend. In it’s second year, the bi-annual Boston Calling has only been getting bigger and better. Located right in the middle of City