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“Game Changer” changes the game

(Photo courtesy of: Mashable) “DropOut airs the sixth season of the popular game show “Game Changers”. ”

Riley Fontana
Connector Editor

“Game Changer” season six has officially premiered on DropOut. DropOut is an exclusive streaming service from the creators of CollegeHumor, which is packed with game shows, “Dungeons and Dragons” and countless talented cast members.

“Game Changer”, is one of the website’s most popular shows because of its premise: a game show where the game changes every episode. The only consistent in the show is host Sam Reich and the outlandish games he has his staff members play, with little to no instructions. Some of the games in past seasons include an escape room, a knock-off of “Survivor”, an impromptu musical and much more.

The sixth season of “Game Changer” starts with a competition to come in second place. Fan favorite cast members Ally Beardsley, Oscar Montoya and Brennan Lee Mulligan take the podiums to figure out the challenge. Most of the energy and chaos of this episode comes from Mulligan who is very vocal about his disdain for losing. The contestants are figuring out the game at the same pace as viewers making the show feel very approachable. Many game shows require viewers to already understand the game, whereas “Game Changer” has no game, so there are no rules. Reich can play into what his employees know, and loves to make the games even more engaging.

Opening with a race to second place is very on-brand for DropOut and “Game Changer”. Reich is not only able to play into his player’s fears and loves, he is also able to put together a cast that mixes and melds together in very entertaining ways. In the pilot of season six, most of the episode is Beardsley and Montoya actually playing the game with Mulligan trying to prove a point. This dynamic allows the comedians to learn and change the game to work for them.

“Second Place” features three minigames that rip on popular game shows. The games include “The Price is Not Quite”, “Family Two’d” and “Duex or No Duex”, creating even more confusion from players. Reich once again offers limited instructions as to how these differ from the main game, watching his players have to learn another game. These games are intertwined in many episodes and are sure to make a comeback throughout season six.

DropOut has begun releasing behind-the-scenes views into how their shows are made.  “Game Changer” behind-the-scenes, sits down with the creative staff to talk about the episode and why they chose those specific cast members to play. These bonus videos allow Reich to give credit to more of his staff and talk about how much he admires everyone for what they do.

“Game Changer” has something for everyone and there is no knowing what each episode will offer. The entire DropOut cast is made up of actors and comedians making for some of the most over-the-top television. With no insight as to where season six will go, fans are left waiting for the new premiers. “Game Changer” is just one of several shows on DropOut that showcase these comedians.

Overall Grade: A+

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