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Campus Police Log

Saturday, Feb. 22 11:50 a.m. Motor vehicle hit and run at East Campus Garage was reported. The damage was likely from the previous night. Sunday, Feb. 23 12:36 a.m. Motor vehicle stop on Salem St. Male was arrested for DUI and was transported to UML PD. Wednesday, Feb. 26 8:40 a.m. A disturbance was reported

Found at SEA: Environment Matters

Eliza Calvin Connector Contributor Environmental awareness has expanded beyond the classroom, into the college community and the city of Lowell. The Student Environmental Alliance, or SEA, is a UMass Lowell club dedicated to promoting awareness and innovating ideas on campus and in the city of Lowell. The SEA’s president, Alicia Melvin, said she is committed

Saving the music scene

Alexander Gentile UML Student Have you ever wondered where your favorite musical artists came from? Assuredly they one day picked up an instrument or decided to start singing in the shower, and thought to themselves, “I’m ready to give something to the world.” They spent years practicing, met other musicians that helped to develop a

Goals are your GPS to success

Jim Graves Connector Contributor For those of you who don’t remember those “good old days” your teachers might refer to, it was a time when telephones had cords and rotary dials, and the car glove compartment was filled with stacks of folded road maps. The quantity of maps served as a testament to the many

Parent-Students’ Problems Proclaimed

Hannah Tello Connector Contributor An increasingly significant yet consistently invisible student population has recently emerged. Parenting-students have doubled their enrollment in four-year universities over the last 20 years. The National Center for Education Statistics reports that 50 percent of nontraditional undergraduates (which themselves make up 56 percent of the entire population of college students) are

From Russia, with love?

Cole Fitzgerald Connector Contributor The Winter Olympics are a time to show off. Nations around the world send their best athletes in an effort to win medals and what results is one of the biggest sporting events on earth. Stadiums must be built for all of the indoor events and mountainsides need to be maintained