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The Filipino Club represents UMass Lowell at Kamayan

The Filipino Club represents UMass Lowell at Kamayan

(Photo courtesy of: Nate Coady) “The Filipino Club shined at Kamayan hosted by Northeastern University.” Nate Coady Connector Staff On Sunday, Nov. 12, The Filipino Club (TFC) of UMass Lowell participated in Kamayan, an annual cultural performance featuring multiple Filipino clubs from around the New England area. Held in Northeastern University’s Blackman Auditorium, Filipino clubs

Dennis Everett Jr comes to UMass Lowell to talk about the importance of restorative justice

(Photo courtesy: Nate Coady) “Dennis Everett Jr. educated students on the importance of restorative justice.” Nate Coady Connector Staff On Tuesday, October 24, Dennis Everett Jr, spoke in Coburn Hall on South Campus as part of the College of Fine Arts and Social Sciences Dean’s Speaker Series. He is the Director of Restorative Justice at

Alumni Spotlight: Tastery Reed and his role in the future of police reform

(Photo courtesy of Tastery Reed) “Tastery Reed is a graduate of the UMass Lowell criminal justice program.” Nate Coady Connector Staff UMass Lowell has had a rising criminal justice program that has been revered as one of the best in New England for a few years now. A testament to that is UMass Lowell alum

Characters from the 2000s era of Cartoon Network shows displayed on a pink and white checkered backdrop. Characters include: (top left to right) Flapjack, Bloo, Buttercup, Ben 10, Courage, (bottom left to right) Ed, Dexter, Mandy, Number 5, and Scooby Doo.

Cartoon Network falters in modern era

(Photo courtesy of: YouTuube) “Many fans are annoyed and disappointed with the new Cartoon Network shows.” Nate Coady Connector Staff My roommate recently started watching “Regular Show” for the first time. I’ve been sitting and watching a few episodes with him here and there and I always forget how hilarious that show is. I love

Club Spotlight: The Comedy Club is looking to bring laughter to campus

(Photo courtesy of: The Today Show) “The Comedy Club is looking to bring confidence to new comedians.” Nate Coady Connector Staff The Comedy Club is one of the newer clubs here at UMass Lowell. They’re a small group, but they’re doing what they love. While the club hasn’t completely taken off yet, they’ve already hosted

UMass Lowell club women’s ice hockey highlight

(Photo Courtesy of UMass Lowell) “UMass Lowell’s club womens ice hockey poses for team picture.” Nate Coady Connector Staff Down the road from a golf course with actual live goats, there is Skate 3, a hockey arena on Middlesex Road in Tyngsborough where the UMass Lowell Women’s Hockey Team meets for practice every Monday and

Night Market is a hit among students yet again

(Photo courtesy of Nate Coady) “Left to right (Vietname Student Association): Kayla Tran (underclassmen rep), Kayla Nguyen (president), Danny Tran(Internal Vice President), Horn Nguyen (treasurer), Ryan Do (senior advisor), Brandon Go (public relations), Kenny Nguyen (secretary).” Nate Coady Connector Staff This past Friday, September 22, The Asian Sister Clubs hosted the annual Night Market in