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“Pain Hustlers” is a painful watch

“Pain Hustlers” is a painful watch

(Photo courtsey of: IMDb) “Emily Blunt outshines Chris Evan in ‘Pain Hustlers’.” Savannah Baker Connector Editor The Netflix original movie, “Pain Hustlers,” fails to succeed with the commonly successful opioid crisis storyline. The filmmakers take a more creative spin on the pharmaceutical scandal about fentanyl-based painkillers which fails from an audience point of view.  “Pain

‘A Quiet Place’ makes very little noise

“A Quiet Place” has grossed $103 million as of April 15. (Photo courtesy of Paramount Pictures) Owen Johnson Connector Editor “A Quiet Place” is not a bad movie, but it is a disappointing one. Strange creatures that hunt by sound have overrun the planet. In the post-creature wasteland that has been left in their wake,