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Analysis of the 2024 Congressional Elections

Analysis of the 2024 Congressional Elections

(Photo courtesy of 270townin) “2024 electoral map.” Eric Schultz Connector Editor With most of the news coverage of the 2024 elections being focused on the Presidential Election, the U.S. House and Senate Elections have taken a backseat in terms of news coverage and attention. As it stands, the Republican Party controls the House of Representatives

Surprise Fees Leave UMass Lowell Nursing Students Stressed and Scrambling

(Photo courtesy of UML) “Hand grabs flying money.” Eric Schultz Connector Editor On February 7, UMass Lowell undergraduate nursing students were informed of a new $792 ATI Complete Package fee with little warning. They were officially informed of the new February 29 deadline (now April 1) of said fee for continuing access to Assessment Technologies

Why is the 2024 Presidential Election Going to be a Rematch?

(Photo courtesy of GMFUS). “2024 Presidential Election ” Eric Schultz Connector Editor Now that Donald Trump has won the Iowa Caucus and New Hampshire Primary, it is virtually inevitable that the 2024 presidential election will be a rematch between himself and Joe Biden. Even though a rematch is inevitable, opinion polling has defined the race

Analyzing the 2023 United States Elections and What They Mean for 2024

(Photo courtesy of WSHU). “Freestanding sign that reads ‘VOTE HERE’.” Eric Schultz Connector Staff On November 7, 2023, Americans in several states took to the polls to cast their votes on Election Day. Generally speaking, odd-numbered election years in America are considered to be less important than presidential or midterm election years because of the

Coffe and Cotton employees go on strike at Mill No. 5

(Photo courtesy of Steven O’Hara). “Coffe and Cotton employees striking outside of Mill No.5.” Eric Schultz, Lydia Robert and Connor Malito Connector Contributors On October 4th, Coffee and Cotton employees walked out to protest the working conditions and managerial mistreatment. For the residents of Lowell and surrounding towns, Coffee and Cotton is a beloved establishment

The United States faces possible government shutdown

(Photo courtesy of New Santa Ana) “United States Capital Building in Washington, DC.” Eric Schultz Connector Contributor As has happened several times in the past, the United States federal government is close to a government shutdown. This shutdown is set to happen on September 30 if the yearly federal budget cannot be passed, which sets