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Latin culture on display with Rumba Latina

Shane Foley

Connector Editor

Rumba Latina has traditionally been recognized as LASA’s signature event. It is also an event that has been growing in notoriety. A celebration of Latin culture, the organization has continuously made efforts to make each Rumba Latina better than the previous one, and this year’s might be the biggest one ever.

Jose Molina, vice president of LASA, detailed some of the many new and exciting activities that attendees will be able to partake in.

“There’s going to be a band performing, there’s going to be spoken word, there’s going to be a dance performance, there’s going to be free food, Latin food, there’s going to be some chances to win prizes, and there’s going to be some chances to dance and learn about different Latin countries,” said Molina.

As a returning member, Molina can attest to how this year’s Rumba Latina will compare to last year’s. “Last year was something new for Rumba Latina,” said Molina. “It was bigger and better, but there wasn’t as much food, there wasn’t as much attendance, it wasn’t as ‘official’. I don’t think we’ve ever performed.”

In the continuous effort to improve Rumba Latina, LASA has also branched out to more organizations than ever before. Other Spanish organizations have lent their assistance to LASA, including ALPHA, SHIP, and the Spanish Club. SOCA has helped LASA with the program as well, and even Greek Life has backed this effort, with Kappa Delta Phi NAS KY chapter aiding LASA too.

“I don’t think we’ve ever collaborated, which helped us a lot because we could combine budgets,” said Molina.

In preparation for this event, LASA has also been engaged in a more elaborate marketing campaign. Other than being vice president, Molina also heads LASA’s marketing committee along with Lindsay Barrios, who as a pair used Snapchat as a method to get additional advertisement for Rumba Latina.

“We tried different promotional things, so hopefully there will be more people there,” said Molina. “LASA created a Snapchat this year, and hopefully people see it and be like, ‘Oh, I know Jose, I’ll go to this program.’”

One mainstay that will continue to be featured in Rumba Latina is the food. LASA will provide many Latin related delicacies, including chicken, a homemade Dominican juice, an array of different rices, cultural soda, and even pizza.

While being a Latin related event, the members of LASA highly encourage people of non-Latin decent to attend. Molina claims that Rumba Latina is one of the best ways to learn about the culture.

“It’s an opportunity for (non-Latinos) to learn about the culture, but in a more interactive and fun way that leads to more interaction that isn’t pushed on them,” said Molina. “They’re not trying to pass a class, they will want to learn, like I want to learn to dance Bachata or I want to eat this food.”

The event will be held in University Suites, on the first floor in room 106, on Friday, April 10 from 7 to 10 p.m.

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