Don’t poke the G.O.A.T.: An angry Tom Brady is bad for the NFL

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Football fans and analysts alike always love to have “greatest of all time,” or “G.O.A.T,” discussions when referring to the few elites who have stepped onto the football field. New England Patriots fans have been participants of that debate when it comes to the play of their longtime leader, hero and quarterback, Tom Brady.

With how the 2015 season has started, Brady might as well be a massive green monster who has the ability to hurl a Nissan Maxima hundreds of feet with a simple flick of his wrist. Much like the beloved comic book hero, Brady has shown the ability to put up fictional-type numbers when something gets under his skin.

Fresh off the nine-month Shakespearian drama that was dubbed  “Deflategate,” the Patriots quarterback has come out of the gate this season with a different presence about him.  Not knowing if he was going to be spend the first four games on the bench was most certainly a disturbing thought for Brady and the Patriots. When the federal court case ended in him winning the legal bout against the NFL, Brady’s focus shifted to making sure everyone was aware of his on-field presence these first few weeks.

Through the first two games, Brady has yet to throw an interception and has combated that with seven touchdown passes. He leads the league in touchdown passes  thus far, and is only 10 yards behind Eli Manning for most passing yards up to this point; this being because Manning has played a total of three games to Brady’s two.

The stat that stands above the others, however, is the zero interceptions. Not only is Brady putting up the numbers offensively, but he is, up to this point, refusing to make mistakes.

The start of this football season has had a familiar feeling to that of  2007. The Patriots had just been under heavy scrutiny from the NFL for their involvement in illegally filming their opponents. The scandal, known as Spygate, resulted in the Patriots losing 750,000 dollars in fines and the NFL stripping the team of their first round selection in the 2008 draft.

As a direct response to the NFL’s harsh punishment, Brady and the Patriots refused to lose until the Superbowl in 2007, posting a historic 16-0 record during the regular season. Brady threw for, at the time, a record-setting 50 touchdown passes as the Patriots steamrolled nearly every team they played.

An undefeated regular season may prove to be more difficult this year. But with the way Brady is commanding the offense, it is hard to find an opponent that can cause the quarterback to fluster.

The Brady-to-Rob Gronkowski hookup has already resulted in three touchdowns through two games. Brady is also staring to create a partnership with young wide out Aaron Dobson. The Patriots offense has looked nothing short of unstoppable leading into week three.

The simple fact of the matter is that you do not, under any circumstance, want to upset Tom Brady. While some job occupations require serenity to complete with success, Brady uses vengeance and the desire to prove his legacy to fuel his play.

Brady is a surgeon on the football field. He carves up defenses with his insane precision, and, with the way he has started this season, he has only furthered the argument that he is the greatest quarterback in football history.

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