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The 2016 presidential election in music

Chris Romano
Connector Staff

With the 2016 election finally coming to an end, it’s time to look back on the songs it has inspired. Musicians in America have taken this election season to endorse or denounce candidates. In what seems to be the least enjoyable election in recent history, music has found a way to express the peoples’ displeasure along with passion for Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. These 5 songs, mostly from the 30 Songs in 30 Days campaign designed to stop Trump with music, can hopefully help the American people cope with the results of the election tomorrow.

Weird Al Yankovich “Bad Hombres, Nasty Women” Weird Al’s first song since “Mandatory Fun” gives listeners a musical insight into the third and final presidential debate. The song title pokes fun at Donald Trump for using racist and offensive rhetoric. Throughout the song, Yankovich brings up many of the heinous things that Trump has said in the debates. He taunts Trump by saying “Big league” instead of Trump’s “Bigly.”

Randy Newman “Putin” Best known for his Disney songs like “You’ve Got A Friend In Me,” Randy Newman takes a political stance in his newest song about Putin. Newman gives a generous amount of play on words in the song. He sings, “Putin putting’ his pants on, one leg at a time.” Jokes like this fill the entire song.

Franz Ferdinand “Demagogue” On this electric pop denouncement of Trump, Franz Ferdinand calls Trump out for what he truly appears to be. This song does not hold back on making fun of the reality television star running for president. Listeners certainly know how Franz Ferdinand feels about Trump with lyrics like “Those tiny vulgar fingers,” or “He knows all of the words.” “Demagogue” Is one of the more aggressive songs towards Trump.

The Cooties featuring Reggie Watts “Trumpy Trump” Reggie Watts performs his usual task of beatboxing in this sarcastic song about how terrible the world would be if Trump is elected. The Cooties sing “He’s saving the world and he’s making the bucks and he’s gonna be the president and definitely nothing will go wrong.” The song makes fun of Trump in a wonderfully sarcastic way.

Cold War Kids “Locker Room Talk” Cold War Kids take a stance against Trump on this dark, bass heavy song. They sing “Your head is hollow, man you ain’t fit to lead” Although there are more songs that jab at Trump for his racism, sexism, etc., this one is extremely direct with the message that Trump is unfit to lead.

With the election wrapping up tomorrow, musicians can only keep providing more songs about the crazy democratic process. If Trump wins the presidency, musicians will have four more years of political inspiration. However, the country will have four years of absolute insanity.

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