‘Blossom’ by Milky Chance: A mix of musical styles

Milky Chance’s previous album “Sadnecessary” has sold over 500,000 copies. (Photo courtesy of Ignition Records)

Emily Toomey
Connector Staff

Milky Chance has just released their sophomore album “Blossom” earlier this month. This album incorporates the familiar alternative rock sound they a’re known for while including a new and relaxed electronic vibe. The band, once a duo, has now expanded to a trio and it certainly shows on “Blossom.” The deluxe additionedition features the 14fourteen original songs along with six acoustic versions.

Opener and title track “Blossom” really sets the tone for the rest of the album. The track starts off with a fresh electronic beat. The chorus picks up when vocalist Clemens Rehbein is chanting, “Ccause all I need to see is you. Blossom out, blossom out, blossom out.” As the song progresses, the guitar becomes more prevalent to create a unique melody. By the end, the words have a much more fun and lighthearted tone compared to the more seriousness of the first chorus. This track was the first single to be released and definitely did not disappoint as the prologue to the rest of the album.

Single “Cocoon” is one of the more unique tracks on the album. The track starts off with just an acoustic guitar melody over a snapping beat but picks back up to the electronic beat during the chorus. Clemens Rehbein chants, “Llet’s go back to our cocoon on a blackened afternoon” in a softer tone providing a sense of relaxation to the listener. Right before the last chorus guitarist Antonio Greger breaks out into a solo on the electric guitar to help pick the song up.

“Bad Things” is one of the more diverse tracks. This track features guest vocals from Izzy Bizu. The track starts off with a cool electronic vibe where the listener feels a sense of calm. Izzy Bizu creates a sense of power to this track with her soulful voice. She chants with Rehbein Clemens “keep the bad things out of my mind” before having her own solo, which she sings with grace. “Oooh will we sink or swim, we’re blinded on an empty shore.”. The lyrics throughout the song provide a sense of letting go. Just forget the bad things and everything will be fine. She ends the track by slowly singing “I don’t mind wasting time let’s stop and smell the roses.”. The combination of her beautiful voice with the rasp tto Rehbein’Clemens voice provides something so powerful to the album.

The second to last track “Piano Song” really winds down the album. This track features just a piano. Clemens Rehbein’s vocals are rather soft spoken on this track. He sings with such a sense of soul: “Hhave you ever seen how far it is to the place where we oughta dream.”. The piano with the soft vocals allows the track to stand out in a more rawrawer and stripped down way. His voice shines through and the lyrical meaning becomes clear. He’s long to go away in a fairytale world.

Overall, this album creates a great vibe of electronic and acoustic together. The bend provides a special listening experience for the listener. This album provides a great follow-up to their debut. They tastefully changed their sound up without straying from the familiarity from their first album “Sadnecessary.”. The album provides many unique musical flavors to help it stand up. This record has a summer vibe for sure but definitely did not disappoint.

Final Grade: A-

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