What it means to be a River Hawk

For the 2017-18 academic year, university administrators have begun to focus in on what it means to be a River Hawk. (Courtesy of UMass Lowell)

Kelly Skelton
Connector Contributor

Ah, the almighty question: What does it mean to be a Riverhawk? This is a question that every UMass Lowell student can answer. Though, I’m sure that there are not two identical answers from our student body of well over 18,000. Here’s my take.

Being a Riverhawk signifies opportunity. The opportunity to learn, grow and explore. While these concepts may sound similar, I view them as entirely separate from one another.

First, learning. Regardless of your major, concentration or interests at UMass Lowell, the availability of learning is plentiful. Whether it be from the state-of-the-art Pulichino Tong Business Center and Saab Emerging Technologies and Innovation Center, or historic Coburn Hall, UMass Lowell boasts beautiful academic facilities. Even more incredible than the buildings themselves, are the educators inside them.

UMass Lowell upholds its mission of preparing its students to be “work ready, life ready, world ready.” A common emphasis on campus is the university’s ROI (return on investment), ranked 28th in the nation. Education alone, UMass Lowell provides quality knowledge and understanding for a more than reasonable price.

Secondly, growth. UMass Lowell has the tools to help you achieve your wildest dreams. Want to pursue sports? Come on down to the campus recreation center, full of intramural leagues and athletic clubs. Want to improve the community? Join a student activity organization that organizes community/charity events. Want to develop an idea/invention of your own? Hop on over to DifferenceMaker to create your own business. The possibilities are endless and I could go on-and-on. These activities and opportunities build character. Each extra-curricular experience at UML will mold you into a more diverse individual.

Lastly, exploring. Lowell has a lot to offer the UML community. From a lively downtown atmosphere to gorgeous parks, a great exploration is always twenty minutes (at most) away! The rich history of Lowell’s textile mills industry lends students various museums to navigate. Art galleries and ethnic restaurants line the streets surrounding much of the university. Not to forget, there is seemingly always an event going-on around campus.

No place on campus instills the same level of Riverhawk pride as the Tsongas Center on the night of a hockey game. The scene is electric. Thousands of students, faculty, and alumni joining together in a celebration of UML. While the sport of hockey may not intrigue every attendee, the game allows for all UML supporters to unite for a common cause. Best of all, the team is extraordinary, empowering each student through the university’s success.

In closing, I chose UML for its reputation, affordability, and growth pattern. Year after year it has continued to amaze me. I am proud to be a Riverhawk, having the opportunity to learn, grow and explore every day. I am grateful for each and every day spent at UMass Lowell.

I was unsure of myself when entering UMass Lowell just over two years ago. I came to campus as a commuting student, unaware of any extra-curricular organizations. I now am unable to imagine being at another school. Though I still commute, I call UMass Lowell my home.

I feel comfortable and proud walking throughout the campus. I know I feel this way for one reason and it is the single most important message that I can pass on to other students Become involved. Find a society for major, find a club for your hobby, say hello to your classmates. These small gestures can open unbelievable doors of opportunity at UMass Lowell. As I often say, the resources are here, take advantage of them.

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