Picture This concert review

Picture This originates from Athy, Ireland. (Photo courtesy of UMass Lowell Connector)

Christina Laderoute
Connector Staff

Irish sensation Picture This recently played a full-house at The Sinclair in Cambridge, Mass. While the show started at 8:00 p.m., guests gathered earlier to enjoy dinner and drinks prior to the music.

When 8:00 p.m. rolled around and Josh of Future Feats took the stage accompanied by his acoustic guitar, he performed a handful of songs solo to get the crowd warmed up for the main act. The venue slowly began to fill as his set drew to a close. The audience was a tough one, but he managed a few call-and-responses out of the ladies gathered at the foot of the stage.

After Josh’s set, the stage-hands checked the microphone levels, tuned the guitars, and got all of the gear ready for Picture This.

At 9:00 p.m. the lights went down, and the screams erupted. The intro track played lightly and after a minute and a half, the band walked on stage.

They played their hit song and title song of their newest album, “Modern Love,” and the crowd danced and screamed the words back to lead singer, Ryan Hennessy.

They followed that with “Nevada,” also off of their new album.

The crowd was full of fellow Irish men and women. Their accents could be heard from anywhere in The Sinclair. They clinked their beers and stood in groups, gathered near the bars and the sound booth.

Hennessy danced on stage and was a ball of energy during the entire set. Never once stopping for a breath, he moved deliberately and jumped around all night.

The fans exploded with applause when the first notes for “Never Change” rang through the speakers. Everyone’s ears were met with a wall of sound and perfect harmonies.

When the show was thought to have ended, the audience chanted “one more song,” and Picture This walked back onto the stage and performed an encore of their number one hit, “Take My Hand”.

When the song finished, the lights came up, and everyone clamored out onto the sidewalks. Some waiting for the band members to exit, while others were asking about the nearest bars. No one was without a beaming smile.




Christina Laderoute

Music writer/photographer. VP of marketing for UML's student-run record label, Seven Six Records.

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