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NFL Week Seven Recap: Patriots fall to 3-4 record after tough loss to Chicago Bears

(Photo courtesy of the Los Angeles Times) “Quarterback Justin Fields rushes past the reaching arm of linebacker Matthew Judon.”

Tanner Hume
Connector Editor

Week Seven of the 2022 NFL Season was actually entertaining for once. There was a lot of enjoyable football to be watched, and for some, pain and misery to be experienced. With the trade deadline coming on Tuesday, it is time to look at what happened in Week Seven!

Saints: 34 (2-5) @ Cardinals: 42 (3-4): Wait, there was a Thursday Night Football matchup that had a good amount of offense in it? Well, it took long enough. Both teams looked good, but Arizona just wanted it more. Good work.

Browns: 20 (2-5) @ Ravens: 23 (4-3): What is with Baltimore and giving up 10+ point leads? Their defense is horrendous when it comes to holding such leads. At least you got payback on Cleveland for dissing Old Bay. Hey Cleveland, is Old Bay still overrated? Or was you winning anything overrated?

Buccaneers: 3 (3-4) @ Panthers: 21 (2-5): So much for that tank, right Carolina? Not long after you trade running back Christian McCaffery away, and with the obvious path of tanking now in full view, the first action is… to win? Not how tanking works. It is also because Tampa Bay looked terrible.

Falcons: 17 (3-4) @ Bengals: 35 (4-3): When your quarterback throws for 345 yards in the first half alone, you know that you are out for blood. That is what the Bengals were doing today. The Falcons could not stop the Bengals at any corner and got kicked down. Impressive, Cincy.

Lions: 6 (1-5) @ Cowboys: 24 (5-2): Cowboys’ quarterback Dak Prescott made his return from injury and produced the most possible and foreseen outcome for this game: a Cowboys’ victory. Poor Detroit, they just can’t get anything going anymore.

Giants: 23 (6-1) @ Jaguars: 17 (2-5): How are the Giants this consistent? It doesn’t make any sense whatsoever. Jacksonville nearly won this game too, but the Giants somehow held on firmly, and are now 6-1. Nothing makes sense anymore.

Packers: 21 (3-4) @ Commanders: 23 (3-4): The Red Scare started in Wisconsin in the 1950s thanks to Senator Joseph McCarthy. It continues in 2022, with the Washington “Commies” marching into Green Bay and beating one of the most American teams in the game: the Packers. Okay, now is the time to panic Green Bay.

Colts: 10 (3-3-1) @ Titans: 19 (4-2): Everyone thought the Colts might have had a chance here, but just like running back Derrick Henry’s elite day, those hopes were dashed. Indy, this whole experiment with quarterback Matt Ryan isn’t working. Time to make a change. After 28 weeks and 3 days as a starter, he was replaced by quarterback Sam Ehlinger for the rest of the season. Oof.

Texans: 20 (1-4-1) @ Raiders: 38 (2-4): Good job, Raiders. You didn’t lose to Houston. If you did, everyone would be laughing at you. But you enforced the narrative of how awful the Texans are and beat them in a game you needed to win badly. What’s better is running back Josh Jacobs looked really good in this game, going for over 140+ rushing yards and three touchdowns. Pay him, Raiders.

Jets: 16 (5-2) @ Broncos: 9 (2-5): Broncos’ quarterback Russell “Chef Russ” Wilson was not in this game today, as he was dealing with an injury, thus enters quarterback Brett Rypien. Seriously though, this was a very easy win for the Jets. When a team looks this bad, it is always an easy win. Next week is your test, Jets. You got Patriots coming to town.

Chiefs: 44 (5-2) @ 49ers: 23 (3-4): Welcome to San Francisco running back Christian McCaffrey, a land filled with getting curb stomped by more elite opponents a few times a year. This week it was Kansas City. Sure, you lost this game, but everything is fine. So long as nobody gets hurt.

Seahawks: 37 (4-3) @ Chargers: 23 (4-3): Somehow, Seattle is now atop of the NFC West division. With running back Kenneth Walker III looking like a stud on the field, it almost makes quarterback Geno Smith look like a competent quarterback for once. That is very hard to do, but it is what it is.

Steelers: 10 (2-5) @ Dolphins: 16 (4-3): Dolphins’ quarterback Tua Tagovailoa came back and did well. It wasn’t any herculean effort but was enough to get the job done against the Steelers, who without edge rusher TJ Watt, are nothing more than dirt and bones. Seriously Pittsburgh, you are in major trouble. Take care of it.

Bears: 33 (3-4) @ Patriots: 14 (3-4): Oh, the Patriots lost to the Bears. The freaking Bears of all teams. At least quarterback Bailey Zappe is insanely good. But even then, he could not beat this dumpster fire of a franchise whatsoever. God, Bill Belichick has lost it. Someone help him, please.

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