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NFL Week 12 Recap: Patriots fall short against the Minnesota Vikings

(Photo courtesy of “Vikings tight end T.J. Hockenson catches pass by Patriots strong safety Kyle Dugger.”

Tanner Hume
Connector Editor

Week 12, the week with holiday games. What a time to enjoy football. It doesn’t matter that all 32 teams were in action with no BYE weeks for anyone, that’s the fun of it. Let’s look at the games.

Bills: 28 (8-3) @ Lions: 25 (4-7): Buffalo walks back into Detroit as the away team this time (after being in Detroit last week because of heavy snow in Buffalo) and reminds the Lions why the Bills are a good team. It is sad when Buffalo becomes the first team to win back-to-back games at Ford Field for the first time since 2016, and not the Lions who play their home games there.

Giants: 20 (7-4) @ Cowboys: 28 (8-3): The showdown the NFL landscape has been waiting for. These two teams put on one hell of a display, and it sucks only one had to win. It was Dallas who walked out feasting on “TurDuckEn” today. Enjoy.

Patriots: 26 (6-5) @ Vikings: 33 (9-2): The Patriots kept this game closer than it was expected. And against a legit squad in the Vikings? Maybe there is something. Something in those Tom Brady return rumors. Destiny awaits.

Broncos: 10 (3-8) @ Panthers: 22 (4-8): The battle of “suckitude.” Something Bart Simpson would say. Denver looked awful, and you know it’s bad when quarterback Russell Wilson was outplayed by quarterback Sam Darnold. Yikes. That’s a sign that things are really bad.

Buccaneers: 17 (5-6) @ Browns: 23 (4-7) (OT): Tampa Bay, how did you lose to the Browns? This team has no structure and is like a fish out of water. Come on, it’s not like you’re facing a good team. Get it together.

Ravens: 27 (7-4) @ Jaguars: 28 (4-7): Baltimore really lost to a team whose mascot was stripped down to its speedos. Every non-Jaguars fan needs help to forget about it. Just a bad game for those birds.

Texans: 15 (1-9-1) @ Dolphins: 30 (8-3): Miami gets a free win against a team that has nothing going for it and are more than likely screwed. At least Miami is going somewhere.

Bears: 10 (3-9) @ Jets: 31 (7-4): Quarterback Mike White is back, and in incredible fashion. He went out there and showed why he deserves to be the number one guy. Quarterback Zach Wilson, you might be on the hot seat.

Bengals: 20 (7-4) @ Titans: 16 (7-4): This was actually a really good game. Both teams looked good and managed to make each other try and earn a win. One team needed to win, and that was Cincinnati. Good try, Titans.

Falcons: 13 (5-7) @ Commanders: 19 (7-5): Ok, no one cares about this game. What really needs to be discussed is the horrible tribute to former safety Sean Taylor. What kind of a statue is that? That is just steel wires bent to resemble a person with the wrong type of uniform being presented. “Lolcow” of the week goes to Washington. No contest.

Chargers: 25 (6-5) @ Cardinals: 24 (4-8): Everyone can agree this game was trash. On one team, you have a quarterback who cares more about Warzone than football. And on the other, it’s quarterback Justin Herbert. This game is a joke.

Raiders: 40 (4-7) @ Seahawks: 34 (6-5) (OT): Running back Josh Jacobs. That is all. The dude rushed for nearly 230 yards. This man is really good. Oh, but they declined the fifth-year option on his contract? Everyone laugh at the Raiders again.

Rams: 10 (3-8) @ Chiefs: 26 (9-2): The Rams are absolutely cooked. It didn’t help that another major star got injured in edge rusher Aaron Donald. Every Rams fan is now panicking. Best of luck with your first-round pick–oh, too soon?

Saints: 0 (4-8) @ 49ers: 13 (7-4): Wow, this game was garbage. What was that performance? It’s like everyone was watching the dollar store edition of Hamilton. It was that bad. Scrub this game from the history books.

Packers: 33 (4-8) @ Eagles: 40 (10-1): Friends and loved ones, we are gathered here today to remember the Green Bay Packers. This team fought through years of bad teams under Aaron Rodgers, but this time, they could not be saved. Philadelphia put them out of their misery. May mercy be shown on the Packers.

Steelers: 24 (4-7) @ Colts: 17 (4-7-1): Colts interim head coach Jeff Saturday clearly proved he has no idea what he is doing. It showed with under a minute left in regulation. That cost the team the game and everything else in between. Let’s start a petition to send him back to high school football. That would be best for everybody.

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