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The Offering publishes student writing

(Photo courtesy of: Savannah Baker) “The Offering has many editions from past years.”

Savannah Baker
Connector Editor

UMass Lowell’s Literary Society has a fast-approaching submission deadline for their annual literary magazine, The Offering. Everyone from the UML community is encouraged to send their work in—from UML students, faculty, staff, and alumni. The deadline for submissions is Feb. 12, 2024.

The Offering showcases poetry, fiction, nonfiction, graphic novels and visual arts (photography, digital art, drawing) with the new addition of screenplays and theatre plays this year. The UMass Lowell Literary Society has been running publications of The Offering since 2001 and as of two years ago they have begun printing their editions in full color. Past editions of The Offering’s literary magazine can be found in the English Department (4th floor of O’leary Library) and online at

The Offering consists of a whole team of students dedicated to sharing creative works from diverse voices. London Verdejo, Jessie Daniliuk and Aaron Wiswall are the three managing editors for the 2024 issue of The Offering, and they are still seeking readers to join their editorial team. Students are encouraged to get involved either by submitting their work or becoming a reader for one of the four genres—poetry, fiction, nonfiction and art.

Verdejo, a senior English major, says, “it is crucial to have creative outlets for people, places and platforms to showcase creative work.” The Offering gives individuals the opportunity to have their work be seen by a wider audience and makes publication accessible for the UMass Lowell community.

“[The Offering] is a great introduction to getting published, but also it is a means to have particularly the UMass Lowell community voices be heard,” says Verdejo.

Don’t be scared off if you aren’t an English major. Regardless of major, every student is encouraged to submit their work. The Offering is open all. Daniliuk, a senior English major says, “just because [writing] is not your major doesn’t mean you don’t like to write.”

While submitting work for publication can be vulnerable, “it is a great way to expand your horizons and try something new,” says Daniliuk. “The feeling that you get when you just press send … creates so much confidence and fills you with this great inspiration to go do other things as well.”

Verdejo agrees, acknowledging that submitting work is scary: “It’s terrifying putting yourself on the line, but the outcome of doing it is indescribable.” If privacy is a concern, The Offering is more than willing to accommodate anyone who wishes to be published under a pseudonym.

Duniliuk’s uses a quote that she first heard from English professor Andre Debus III as her final words of encouragement to the UMass Lowell community to submit their work: “Nobody can write the story that you have in your head like you.” If interested in getting involved or submitting work, email Details on the submission guidelines for this year’s issue of The Offering can be found at @umloffering on Instagram.

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