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The importance of please and thank you

(Photo courtesy of: Frank Sonnenberg Online) “Manners seem to be disappearing from college kids.”

Riley Fontana
Connector Editor

I feel like my generation of college students has lost basic manners. I rarely see people saying please and thank you to anyone, especially their friends. I was raised to always extend the courtesy of please and thank you to everyone I spoke with, especially with people I care about. 

I do believe we have grown past a lot of a lot of courtesies such as saying sir and ma’am and other stuff but saying please and thank you are the bare minimum. A lot of people now are just demanding things and expect it just to be handed to them. I will help anyone to the best of my ability if they just ask nicely. 

I just feel that polite communication can get people a lot further as well. I personally find myself shutting down and unwilling to keep talking to someone who refuses to ask for things nicely. Attitude also plays into this, a lot of people just want everything handed to them without working for it at all. 

I understand within friend groups a lot of these courtesies fall away, and I understand that but that does not mean people should be walking all over their friends for things they think they deserve. I have found myself asking my friends to use the “magic word” jokingly just to get them to ask for something nicely. 

I am not sure if this is a generational thing or because my parents are very old school but I feel like I am the only person I know constantly using please and thank you. I rarely hear people thanking the shuttle drivers or the dining hall workers. I feel like this is such a small thing to make a habit and will make everyone around feel better and appreciated. 

I know not everyone will agree with this opinion, and I am okay with that. Everyone is entitled to treat people how they see fit. Maybe I am the weird one with a strange stance on manners but I want others to be given basic kindness at all times. 

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