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Mitski emphasizes her lyrical brilliance with new record

Mitski emphasizes her lyrical brilliance with new record

(Photo courtesy of: RIFF Magazine) “Mitski explores a complexity of emotions in seventh studio album.” Johnathan Hatem Connector Contributor  “The Land is Inhospitable and So Are We” has Mitski demonstrating her lyrical brilliance while cutting away some layers of production that those lyrics could hide beneath. Mitski’s newest album was released on Friday, Sept. 15.

Unity divides loyal consumer base with pricing changes

(Photo courtesy of: Gaming Street) “Unity Technologies’ announces changes to they game engine pricing model.” Zachary Latta Giuliana Connector Contributor The internet has been aflame for the past week and a half in the wake of Unity Technologies’ announcement regarding changes to the pricing model of its game development engine, Unity. Posted to their blog

Disney’s “Elemental” brings back the studio’s spark

(Photo courtesy of Vox) “‘Elemental’ is the latest film from Disney”. Jake Hogan Connector Staff In the post-pandemic world of box-office recovery, studios are still trying to keep their heads above water. Especially for Disney, who has seen box-office and critical disappointments with their latest animated releases. But their newest film “Elemental,” which dropped on

The Eras Tour is a career-defining spectacle

(Photo courtesy of Rolling Stone) “The Eras Tour takes fans through Taylor Swift’s incredible career”. Troy Lafond Connector Staff One of the largest pop culture events of the summer of 2023 has been pop megastar Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour. The Eras Tour is themed as a musical exploration of each of Taylor Swift’s “eras”, which

“The Sound of Letting Go” never felt so good

(Photo courtesy of Riley Fontana) “Lead singer Alex Gaskarth dons glasses thrown by a fan during song “Modern Love”. Riley Fontana Connector Editor All Time Low attempted to kick off their “Sound of Letting Go” tour on Sept. 8 in Timonium, Maryland at the Maryland State Fair. Due to an unforeseen thunderstorm, the show was

“Tears of the Kingdom” is a soaring success

(Photo courtesy of GameRiv) “‘Tears of the Kingdom’ is an instant fan-favorite”. Morgan Mylon Connector Contributor “The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom” was released back on May 12, 2023. Developed and published by Nintendo, it was an immediate hit among loyal Zelda fans. “Tears of the Kingdom,” the sequel to Nintendo’s “Breath of

Denzel Washington's character in "The Equalizer 3", Robert McCall, subduing a man.

The Equalizer 3 shoots a blank in trilogy

(Photo courtesy of CNN) “‘The Equalizer 3’ is a disappointing third installment to the series.” Troy Lafond Connector Staff “The Equalizer” franchise follows a simple premise: watch Denzel Washington brutally kill an array of mercenaries. This simple concept has carried Washington, as well as director Antoine Furqua, across three films now. While seeing such an

Bowling For Soup fails at covering the hits

(Photo courtesy of Punkeando!) “Bowling For Soup fails profoundly in their attempt of covering an array of hit songs from other artists.” Riley Fontana Connector Editor Texas pop-punk band Bowling For Soup released their new album “Don’t Mind If We Do” in early April. The album consists entirely of covers of other artists’ songs. Lacking